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Keynote Closes...

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I thought it was open source?  At least, you could get the source code from the website.  The problem is that the shortcomings need to be addressed by a complete rewrite to get away from MS RTF dll so I dont know how much the source code for V1.6.5 would help.  You may be able to correct little bugs or add minor features but you may as well just start over like Marek was with KN2.  I've been thinking about mouser's call for discussion regarding CHS interface for something like this and will post over in the appropriate forum within the next day with a discussion starter.I have no answers.... just discussion!  I love interface discussion!


i just read the closing post by marek about why he closed the project,
and found it extremely touching and more honest than anything like it i've ever read.

he captures the paralyzing feeling that you can sometimes get as a programmer when you find yourself in the middle of a big project and are overwhelmed by too many choices and a lack of easy paths.

Yeah, that's what I thought when I read it.  Some of it was that he was a perfectionist, that makes it harder also.  Though that is also why Keynote 1.x was such a fine application!  For anyone interested in Keynote, go to .  A gentlemen is starting work on a... well, apparently it's going to start as a note program, but spread to a lot more.  Right now it's vaporware, though it's vaporware with 2 screenshots!  Looks promising and from reading what the author wants to do, I think this could be a fabulous replacement for Keynote (though Keynote will still be viable for a while).


I wish I could write as eloquently in English (my first and only language) as Marek has in what is evidently his second langauge. What a thoroughly decent and honourable human being!

I agree, I wonder how long it will take for someone to rip him off stateside.


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