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Xobni beta - Outlook Mail indexer and organizer

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Carol Haynes:
I have not had problems with Outlook 2003 not exiting but with Xobni neither task (Outlook or Xobni Service) exit when I close Outlook - ever!

Add to that that if I leave the apps running in the task manager with no further action taking place memory usage increases rapidly for both tasks (I have just monitored them and in 10 minutes Outlook's memory has tripled and Xobni Service has more than doubled).

I have also experimented with deleting emails with attachments and even after do a manual synchronise the deleted emails with attachments are still in the attachment list. This must surely be a bug - but if it is a 'feature' then surely it should be optional! I don't want to find references to non-existent emails and attachments when I search!!!

I have reported these issues on the Xobni forum but until they get resolved I am going to remove Xobni from Outlook as I have found one sure way to get PST problems is being forced to exit Outlook in the TaskManager.

Crumb! I have Outlook minimized to tray *most* of the time and hadn't tried shutting down Outlook while Xobni was running... I can confirm that Outlook's process remains running when Xobni is installed. I don't have time right now but I'll post on the Xobni forum to this effect as well. I like this addon A LOT but can't risk PST file corruption (and I resent having multiple processes running needlessly).

Carol Haynes:
The bigger worry is the memory leak which could also cause data corruption (this has been flagged a number of times on the forum but the developer seems reluctant to admit there is a problem).

Perhaps it isn't playing well with another addon, it has  only not closed outlook completely once in the 2 or so days I've been trying, but I dont use other addons, the ones I like seem too expensive for the added functionality to me and the free ones haven't offered a lot.

Heh, heh - I'm actually one of the posters on the Xobni forum regarding the memory leak... None of my posts had been responded to, the last time I checked. Heading over there now...


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