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Xobni beta - Outlook Mail indexer and organizer

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iphigenie drew my attention to Xobni several weeks ago in this post:

One add on I have been testing at the moment is xobni, which mostly analyses contacts and emails to produce nice little profiles, for each contact, showing not only the history of interactions (and the wonderful "files exchanged with x" section listing all attachments sent or received, which means I only need to find an email from that person to find any attachment they sent me, i like that!) but also social features like who they are connected to, emailing patterns, and some quick overview tools

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Sounded interesting so I googled it and applied to join the beta programme. My e-mail inviting me to the beta party came in yesterday and I am now using it. I'm interested in other users' experiences with it so am starting this thread.

If you are intested in trying it out, I have 5 invites to give out. Let me know if you are interested (it took me several weeks to get a spot through signing up at the website) via PM or e-mail and I'll send you an invite. First five across my inbox will be served.

From my limited experence with it so far, I'd defintiely like to see more user customization allowed - particularly colour scheme and indexing.

Xobni beta - Outlook Mail indexer and organizer

EDIT: switched to inline thumb attachment...

Here's a screenshot of Xobni on my system:

Gives an idea (I hope) of what Xobni looks like - and makes the case for my desire for some control over the colour scheme?!

Just have to make a tiny comment about the not-so-clever name Xobni (revered Inbox). Dont generally mind playing with words etc. but that was almost a bit too tacky for my taste. And personally I dont see much problems with the color schemes but guess it could use some tweaking or even user customization.

Other then that it looks like an alright piece of software. Dont use Outlook myself so doesnt suit my needs.

Yeah - I noticed after I posted my second screenshot that the colour scheme looks ok in it... However, in real usage it is very garish compared to the muted colour scheme that I use... C'est la vie. Thank you for commenting  :Thmbsup:

FWIW - I had to send out a bunch of e-mails to students the AM and found Xobni VERY useful in finding addresses and old correspondence. One thing that is great about it is that it brings Live Search functionality to Outlook. I might just have to learn to live with that colour scheme... (if they don't bite on my suggestion to either provide some skins and/or make the interface more customizable.


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