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Xobni beta - Outlook Mail indexer and organizer

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when i delete something, i expect it to be gone.
--- End quote ---

In the brief bit of testing i've done so far, it is gone, but it still lists the file as one that has been sent to you.  So instead of saying "nooo you never sent it!!!"  you can ask for it to be resent and apologise for losing it  ;)

Oh, i see, it keeps the filename. I guess that makes sense and might be useful :)

Basically means that I can lost three current plugins - Lookout for indexing, EZDetach for Attachments, and EZMessage to back up my messages... I'm not uninstalling anything, for now, though... Still testing, but I am very impressed.

Carol Haynes:
Initial impression of Xobni are it is quite a nice plugin. It isn't clear thought - does it auto update its database or do you have to do it manually?

Two issues I am not sure about -

* since installing it Outlook doesn't fully exit any more (it stays in the task list when I close the app)
* less importantly it doesn't do a good job at connecting basically similar email names or users with different email addresses (eg. I currently have numerous emails from Amazon some of which I will keep, receipts etc, and some of which I will delete, newsletters etc. but it doesn't connect all the Amazon email addresses together - which is apparently what it should do)WRT to tracking deleted attachments - is that just because the Xobni index has not been updated?

My outlook has closed completely most times, it never has closed every time but xobni doesnt appear to have had any effect on this behaviour.   


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