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Any new ideas for small utilities?

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ozzy (and anyone else),

i've got a working proof of concept of a util that lets you "reserve" space on a site of the screen.
anyone care to test it?

I have another idea. Part of its done before, but hten again its different (and in my mind better  :-[ )

A startup-program.


NO, not a "what-have-I-in-my-startupfolder-do-I-need-to-delete-it" kind of program.

A program that would take hold of ALL programs that is started and:
1: start them up in order (preferably the user could change what is started first).
2: start the program, wait until the program isnt using much prosesstime, then start the next program on the list.
3: Show in a centered window what is being started
4: Exit without making a fuzz about it :)

I know there is a program that start things in your startup-folder, but it doesnt wait for the next, it isnt showing anything and it uses more resources starting them up that is clearly nessesary.

The all important: WHY?

Have you listened to you harddrive when windows starts all the programs at once? It hurts man, it really hurts...
On my belowed Amiga there was a program doing exactly this. It made the startup-prosess quicker (a,ll the programs dont need to rip all dll's and fight for resources and prosessortime at the same time) and it made the harddrive smile and the user would see what programs got started (and wonder why THAT program is getting started and fix it;)

i'm pretty sure i've seen a little program that does what you're describing Ozzy1 but it was a few years ago and i really can't remember what it was called.

i'm sure it does exist and i've probably still got it somewhere - if i can find it i'll let you know.

okay, my memory won't be perfect but i do remember that it allowed for programs to be started in order and that there was a message box that did something. it might have asked if you wanted the program to carry on loading or to prevent.

this might have been all determined on whether the 'numlock' key was on or not - something like that.

Yeah, I know there is a program doing something like this, but as you said, its OLD, and nobody remember it ;)

The main difference though, is the ability to have it go on to the next program when the first program isnt using to my prosess / disk anymore...

I'd appreciate a utility that ... don't laugh ... sends fake searches to Google every 5 or 10 minutes or so.

OK, I'll explain: I'm not a real privacy paranoiac, but I'm not unconcerned, either.  I don't like the fact that Google could potentially track everything I search for, and associate it with my Gmail accounts, and whatever else.  (Please, I'm not looking for advice on how to use or not use cookies, or anything like that.)

So, my idea was to have some automated means of sending Google fake searches every once in awhile.  There would be a list of words that the script or program looked at, and it would randomly choose some, and send them to Google.  This cycle would repeat itself, with a pseudo-random search string being sent each time.  The result would be an erratic, essentially meaningless compilation of search history for "me".

For example, for a given day, Google would see something like this coming from my IP address, in the way of searches:

cooking pain "lava trouble"
driveway run ephemeral
leaky sustained
step +ladder accident
reboot wire hole "gracious can"

Which are real?  :)


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