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Any new ideas for small utilities?

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i get the feeling there might be a few programs that will do something like you request - i certainly know of one you could try called 'handything'

i've not used it recently but i'm sure you could set it up to do what you want.

this should not be too hard to do if there isnt already an app for this.

windows already has a system in place whereby you can "dock" a bar on the side of your screen, and all other apps will obey it, so that if you click "maximize" they will stop at the boundry of this dock.

i use one mysefl for a launcher, it is a bar that docks to side of the screen and the destop is reduced in size so that nothing every intrudes on top of it.  it is extremely reliable and ive never seen it fail.

it seems to me that one way to solve your problem, other than samuraize modifying their code to act like a dock, would be to design a "transparent" docking bar type thing, whose only job was to be a transparent thing that docked to the side of your screen and reserved the space.

kind of a fun idea - and i *believe* that it sould not be hard to make it so you can "click-through" this transparent bar - thats the only thing i'm not 100% sure of.  obviously if you cant, then there are problems with this idea, but i believe i've seen skinned shaped windows that do this so i don't think it would be a problem.

keep looking for a tool to do this - if you still can't find one in a week or so remind me again, could be something that might be whipped up in a couple of days.

Actually, I have been looking for a program for years to do this.
Nothing seems to do this (without doing a lot of other things).
I have tried 2 programs that say they do this, but they do it the other way around.
You have to set the size of the gui's yourself NOT as I would want it: Make it work with all programs.

And I just don't whant another dock. is not a "dock", its a .. well, see for yourself ;)

Anyway, this program would be great for irc'ing also. You could have the irc-client set on the right (of left side), having the other progams keeping away. There is always the option of "always on top", but that doesn't do the right thing (I want the other program to keep away, so that both can bee seen).

If anyone uses rainlendar or a calendar that uses the desktop background, they know how it is.

Here is my setup:

well i've just had a look at handything again and it falls into the category of doing a bit too much. looks like you have to specify how you want every single window to open instead of just being able to set a maximum area that they can fill.

i also use samurise - just stuck in the bottom right of my screen - but if mouser could develop this area blocking idea, i think i'd also stretch samurise out a bit.

i tend to get a bit bored so i'll always want to move the windows back over the blocked area or possible would like specific programs to open up full screen... so, just as another suggestion, mouser, if you do develop the idea could you incorporate a kind of overide option for certain windows (user specified)?

ah i see, these put stuff on the desktop background, rather than dock.

well.. i can try to whip up a demo pretty quickly next week if no one finds anything by then..


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