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Any new ideas for small utilities?

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> Any new ideas for small utilities?

I had one.
I found no little nifty GUI utillity for to close an application
by name or handle at an given time.

I had to wrote an batch and use an other timer tool.
Maybe this is an idea, or have anyone such an tool?

I searched something like this:

Project name [        INetRadio ]   [Save] [Load]
Windows title (with regex )   [ INetRadio* ]  [list current titels...]

Program handle   [      ]   [list current handles...]
( ) close only first occurrence
( ) close all match
(x) Close in [ 45]   [Minutes] (Hour, days)

( ) Close at [21:59]   [Daily,Weekly, Monthly]

(or use a kind of cron syntax)
Check if closed every [ 45]   [Minutes] (Hour, days)

[X] Kill after [ 3] Minutes if not closed
( ) Execute this after schedule   [    shutdown.cmd]  [...]

This is my batch

--- ---This work for me (on Win2000), maybe not for your environment !?
Be carefull.

If you want, copy and paste this code in an text file,
name it what you want with the extension .cmd (or .bat for Win98)
and use your Win Taskplaner to schedule this batch.

NOTE: we need pv.exe (PrcView command line utility) from Igor Nys, found at
Download and unpack
Copy pv.exe in an folder in the path, or in the folder of this batch.cmd

This batch could be used for all apps, that's why there are further infos in it.


--- [email protected] off
:: stopScreamer.cmd
:: Little batch to close any application (Process) with an scheduler               June 2005 by Stefan
:: NOTE: we need pv.exe (PrcView command line utility) from Igor Nys, found at
:: Download and unpack
:: Copy pv.exe in an folder in the path, or in the folder of this batch.cmd
:: Then use Windows Taskplaner or your favorite cron utillity to schedule this batch
:: (to close the process on a time YOU want)

:: which process to close or kill ?
:: wrote the process name behind the equals sign '=' in the line below

set processname=screamer.exe

:: thats all you have to do, just save and than schedule this batch or start it per double click

:: now it's my part from here, hands off !

:1: first we look if the process is there or not, to avoid error messages of the pv.exe
pv.exe %processname% >nul


:2: than we try to close (end) the process
pv -close %processname%


:3: now we wait 5 seconds (-n 5) to allow the process to terminate
ping -n 5 >NUL


:4: let's take a look if the process is not follow our advise and is still running
pv.exe %processname% >nul
:: if it not run, we go to an success message
:5: else we kill the process, no mercy! (Note: lost of current data may occur)
pv -kill %processname%
goto _END


ECHO           !  !  !  A T T E N T I O N  !  !  !
ECHO We have no process found with the given name: %processname%.
ECHO That means %processname% is not running
ECHO or you have maybe an typo in this name, please check this, i give up.
goto _END

ECHO --------------------------------------------
ECHO Done. %processname% is not running anymore.

set processname=
:: Note: delete PAUSE if you need no infos any more

iam dream about something like this:

Carol Haynes:
kind of large monitor, say, 19" or above. you do something common like deleting a file, maybe dragging it into the recycle bin and then a confirmation box pops up in the middle of the screen which has to be acknowledged with a click (or by hitting a key).

the annoyance is that my mouse is nowhere near the box that needs confirmation - it would be better if the box in question opened up under where my mouse cursor is positioned (wherever that may be) then i can just click and carry on.

i know there is the option with some utils to have the mouse cursor jump to the button that is in focus but i find that sort of thing really interrupts the flow of using the interface.
-nudone (March 17, 2005, 05:49 PM)
--- End quote ---

Hitting Return does it for me ?

Hitting Return does it for me ?
--- End quote ---

using your thumb to hit 'Enter' on the numerical keypad is even quicker as your mouse is likely to be about 2 inches away from it (unless you are left-handed).

i'd still like the diolog boxes (etc) to come to me and not me to them.

Carol Haynes:
Ozzy1, the startup app does sound useful actually..  but sounds like it might be tricky to do properly.. maybe someone can tell us about any success they may have had in the past with apps that change the order or delay of startup programs..
-mouser (April 16, 2005, 05:56 PM)
--- End quote ---

Perhaps a utility could be built that grabs and deletes all non-essential utitiles from the normal startup locations. This list of startup programmes could be used for the basis of a list of apps that could be editied in therms of order and delay and then started one by one in the set order ?? It could be run periodically as new apps are installed to grab new startup items.


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