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Which MP3 tagger do you use?

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MP3tag-paarkhi (November 21, 2009, 10:04 AM)
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That's what I've been trying to tell these people. I probably should mention at this point the mp3tag I've been raving about is the one at .

The MP3 Tag Pro made by Maniac Tools is rather craptacular.

Just had a chance to use mp3tag and it is an incredibly powerful and easy to use tool. I was shocked at how good it was.
It's donationware and after using it I immediately went to donate.  Well deserved.

November 2007:

-this was the poll that made me install mp3tag late 2007 April 2008. Today I am a fan of mp3tag, the program, it has tagged more than 100.000 audio files of mine :-) However, I am not a fan of their donation system; I haven't received any confirmations. Did they ever get the money? I don't know, so I stopped donating!

I should say that I have not compared any of the other taggers, so i have no idea how mp3tag stacks up against the other tools.

I only know i was able to use it to do all kinds of things like parsing tags from the filename in different ways, sorting and filtering, and cleaning up tags using regular expressions, etc.  It had a way to do everything i wanted to do.

I switched from the (long dead) ID3Tag to Mp3tag years ago. I tried AudioShell, AIMP's internal tag editor and The GodFather, but none of them worked so well for me. Still, Picard has a reason to live on my hard disk as it can find tags by checking the fingerprint, but for my daily, uhm, "work" Mp3tag might be the best choice.


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