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FARR v2 - Official Bug Tracking and Feature Request Thread

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Is there a way for me to specify where this file is kept so I don't run into this problem?
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yep!  just edit the ConfigDir.ini file in a text editor and you should be all set.  Let us know.

Filipe Meira Castro:

Is there any Keyboard+mouse combination for the "Launch and stay open" option? A combination like shift+click or something like that would be quite handy :)

Have a great day.

PS: Can't wait for an SSD drive to make FARR to fly :)

I'm new to FARR so this may be easily done (or not!):
1- I want to use it to 'cat' to a text file, for example a todo. That way I can add items to a plain txt file without opeining it. I know about farrmilk, but this has some other disadvantages (I cannot find a way to look at the entire todo list with it). Say I open farr and do 'ta add such and such'{enter}. 'such and such' gets appended to todo.txt. This is the workflow I want. Is this possible?

2- I happen to use bug.n. The FARR window gets resized to a full tile, which is not what I want (I want it floating on top). I tried adding a rule to the config.ahk excluding FARR. This works for most windows, but not for farr. This is what I have right now:

--- --- Config_rules_#35 := "*;*Find and Run Robot 2*;;1;0;0;1;1;0" ; FARR

I tried excluding the window ahk_class, but it doesn't seem to work. Is FARR doing something special? Any workaround to get it to work?


as for point 1, there have bee a couple of aliases that do this..

i used to distribute an addnote.exe utility for just this purpose, but i stopped once hamradio wrote his excellent hamnotes plugin.

but i could try to find the old addnote.exe if you want.

Filipe Meira Castro:

I was wondering if there is any fast way to search in network drives?

One thing that would do the job for me is a way to search only for folders (could be faster because there is no need to parse every file..)

Is it technically possible, or would it be as slow?

Every time I want to search only for folders I create a new parameter in the "FARR search folders" with a odd extention like "ZZZZZZZZZ"
This is not the best way right?


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