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FARR v2 - Official Bug Tracking and Feature Request Thread

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Below is a list of reported bugs for FARR2. Once a bug is reported on this forum, we will add it to the table and update the table with a new status once we have an update.

Bug SummaryReport DateStatus$$1 problem when passing "c:\" bug24OCT2007Resolved?Action Trick Bug24OCT2007Resolved in 2.00.144Clipboard Bug24OCT2007UnresolvedFolder Navigation Bug29AUG2007Resolved in 2.00.145Folder with a dash bug24OCT2007Resolved in 2.00.144History Bug24OCT2007Resolved in 2.00.144Keyword with Capital Letter Bug24OCT2007UnresolvedSame Name Bug24OCT2007Non-issue?Search Box Bug24OCT2007UnresolvedShowmemo Bug24OCT2007Resolved in 2.00.144Unicode character problem22OCT2007Unresolved
To all users,

The table below details requested features thus far. Please post a new thread with a feature request. Once we receive it, we will update the table below with the request and update its status as it gets updated by mouser. Thanks for your help!


Feature SummaryRequest DateStatusClear search term on hide17NOV2007ConfirmedEasier Icon Assignments for Aliases15NOV2007UnconfirmedGo back from action list to result list19NOV2007UnconfirmedMultiple Run19NOV2007UnconfirmedRemember Parameters for launch of aliases18NOV2007Confirmed by mouserStandard control to pass parameters to scripting software19NOV2007UnconfirmedTree-View Options Dialog24OCT2007Initial Request
If you've posted about a bug or feature request that isn't listed here, just send me a message through the
forum and let me know.

I think this approach to having a single locked sticky thread for each program, with links to known reported bugs as reported on the forum, is the best tradeoff between a full bug tracker tool and the existing DC forum.

Some of you remember when we had a real bug tracker tool installed (Mantis).  While it worked ok, keeping the forum and the bug tracker synchronized was painful and there was just too much overlap.

This new method will allow everyone to see a list of outstanding and reported bugs.  A thread like this will be started in each program's section.

Thanks to Josh for spearheading this -- I think it will make it easier for everyone (especially me!) to keep track of outstanding bugs  :up:

Please note that this thread itself is locked and only modifiable by Moderators.  If you have a bug to report, post it as its own new thread, where others can comment, etc.  And we will post a link to it here (let us know if we forget to).

Added Easier Icon Assignments for Aliases feature request.

Added Clear search term on hide

Added Remember Parameters for launch of aliases Feature request


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