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Latest FARR Release 2.250.0 beta - Mar 23, 2020

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Thanks for the new features :)

%APPDRIVE% seems to be working nicely here, hurray!

BTW, any examples for the following?

In an alias contents you can now specify #filecontents fullfilenamewithpathhere (can use %ALIASDIR%), to have the contents of the file dumped into the alias results when searching.

--- End quote ---

nitrix requested and is excited about his use of this feature -- i've asked him to post about how he uses it  :Thmbsup:

Hmm, icon is still there in systemtray for me (I enabled to hide when minimized). It does blink when I dismiss FARR but is still present. Why not disable it all together, instead of just when minimized? Does that mean the icon would pop up every time I call FARR  :-\?

I'm bringing up an issue again that I aired earlier in the topic of the Everything plugin concerning incorrectly displayed danish letters (and other special chars i reckon).

After a bit of thinking, I was wondering if it might be something in the FARR core?

For a description of the "showing characters from weird languages" problem, see:

Sorry if this seems like nonsense, I'm a bit tired.


Latest release:

Version 2.55.01 - April 19, 2009

* [MinorFeature] - Added variables accessible by aliases: %SEARCHBOX% (contents of current search box as shown) and %SEARCHSTRING% (current search string; may differ from search box based on alias dosearch manipulations).
* [MinorFeature] - Updated to be compatible with new VclSkin Builder version 5.
* [MinorFeature] - Added modal messagebox function DisplayMsgBox that plugins can call.
* [BugFix] - DeleteAll from launch history wasn't working.
* [MinorFeature] - Added commandline option -launch.
* [Feature] - Added delayed search initiation option.
* [BugFix] - the new setuservar alias launch string wasn't working right.


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