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Latest FARR Release 2.250.0 beta - Mar 23, 2020

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Download latest stable version from Official Web Page: HERE.

Download beta version (2.250.01) from here (portable zip).

Version 2.250.00 - Mar 8, 2020

* [BugFix] Using #filecontents with empty file caused FARR to lock the file so it could not be written outside of FARR; thanks Nod5!
* [Feature] You can now specify %search% in custom toolbar buttons to send the contents of the search edit box to a tool.
Version 2.239.02 - Jan 22, 2020

* [BugFix] Incorrect icons were showing for 64bit apps on some computers (Win10?)
* [Feature] Added some built in environment variables that can be passed to aliases, etc.: %FARRWINWIDTH%, %FARRWINHEIGHT%, %FARRWINLEFT%, %FARRWINTOP%. See here for complete list.
* [BugFix] Improved handling of double quotes in alias results.
* [BugFix] Improved display of some alias results with arguments.
* [Improvement] When specifying the /ICON= parameter for alias results, FARR will now look in the default icons/ directory if a custom icon is not found relative to the current alias directory.
* [Improvement] Settings file location shown in about box.
* [BugFix] The advanced AliasDirs user variable was not expanding environment strings.
Version 2.234.01 - Feb 11, 2019

* [BugFix] The htmlviewurl command used to display a web page in the FARR window was not urlencoding some urls, so that the + sign in urls was not being encoded properly.
* [Feature] New virtual launch string (command) to run a script/executable and grab output as a list of results to display: appcapresults.
* [Feature] New virtual launch string (command) to read a text file and display as a list of results (very similar to the special #filecontents alias results, but can be chained with other commands): fileresults.
Version 2.233.01 - Feb 10, 2018

* [BugFix] Titlebar with date and time in it (Advanced Visuals options tab) was being overwritten with fixed date/time.
* [Improvement] Variable replacements (like %APPDRIVE%) are now performed on external tools paths, making them more suitable for portable use.
* [Improvement] Added context-menu item to copy all result paths to clipboard.
* [Feature] Added an advanced-user feature for customizing the htmlview mode using a custom css style sheet.  See the Html View Mode help page for more info.
* [Feature] New ability to specify custom directories to load additional alias files from (could be used to point to a shared dropbox folder for example, to aid synchronizing accross pcs).
* [Feature] New ability to specify custom search folder paths  (could be used to point to a shared dropbox folder for example, to aid synchronizing accross pcs).
Version 2.229.01 - March 24, 2017

* [MajorFeature] First High-dpi compatible version beta.
* [BugFix] Commandline arguments could be truncated at only 255 character length.
* [BugFix] Custom titlebar was sometimes being blank after installing an update over a running instance.
* [Feature] You can now choose any icon image file as your tray icon.
* [Improvement] Improved the way some custom font override settings look.
Version 2.226.01 - June 26, 2015

* [BugFix] Network folders in history or recent file/folder list could cause hang during searching.
* [BugFix] Fixed issue where double quotes in alias results were causing failure to launch result and bad icons.
* [BugFix] On the "Search Behavior" tab, if you enabled the option to "Remove duplicate links to same target", but disabled the option to "Resolve shortcuts when adding items to results", it would not actually remove duplicate links.
* [Improvement] The environment resolution testing field on the Tweaks tab now does not require % to be specified for simple environmental variable testing.
* [BugFix] Fixed some spelling errors on options dialog.
Version 2.223.01 - Apr 28, 2015

* [Feature] A new "Quick Search Words" tab in options allows you to specify quick search word replacements; here you can quickly specify words that have alternate meanings when typed into the search box.  Start each line with a search word, followed by = and then the replacement text.  For example, if you would like to be able to type "ff" to search for "firefox" you can specify that here as "ff = firefox".  This just makes it much easier to do certain simple things without using aliases.  Note that replacements will only be made on word boundaries ("ff" will not match "eff").
* [Feature] On History Options you can now choose to have FARR automatically add all applications that you launch outside of FARR (that have foreground windows), automatically added to FARR launch history; this makes them visible in main window on display, and makes them faster to find.
* [Feature] New option to require search words to match on left hand boundaries of words (whether contiguous enabled or not) -- can be useful in reducing spurious matches.
* [Feature] Added field where you can test how FARR will resolve a path with environment or other special % replacements, on Tweaks and Debugging tab.
* [Change] If only one result is being shown in directory browsing mode, FARR won't autoswitch into small report display mode; this is nicer to look at when using an absolute path to a file and makes clearer when there is a unique result in directory browsing mode, and makes it more convenient to use the Quick Search Words to specify an explicit file path.
* [Bugfix] Non-contiguous scoring had a bug which might allow some results to list which should not (though it would give them a very low score).
* [Bugfix] Using spacebar to toggle checkboxes in the hotkey, searchfolder, pattern lists was not saving changes.
* [Bugfix] Launched *folders* were no longer opening on Windows XP.
* [Bugfix] Using Ctrl+# or Ctrl+Enter to launch apps should keep FARR window open AND focused, regardless of FARR window behavior configured on Window options tab.
* [Bugfix] Some users on Windows 8 were not seeing large icons in results.
Version 2.218.01 - Mar 25, 2015

* [Bugfix] Fixed issue with some alias icons and some launching of aliases related to a path resolution problem.
Version 2.217.01 - Mar 18, 2015

* [Feature] FARR now understands how to search certain windows registry keys to find lists of recently saved documents and recently run applications; if configured in search folder paths it will search these lists quickly.  You can also view them explicitly by typing: "historyr".  See the "History" option tab for more information and options.
* [Feature] You can now customize the fixed font used when memo display is showing fixed font output (such as when displaying result of console output, appcap output, etc.).
* [Feature] You can now drop files onto the search edit box and it will append them to existing search comments.
* [Feature] Alias results can now contain % environmental variables.
* [BugFix] Reset to defaults option on custom font settings tab was not resetting all options.
* [BugFix] Hint for "Use generic icons for folders" option was wrong.
* [BugFix] Option for "Do not add network drive paths to lauch history (they can slow search)" under Settings/Search Behavior was not being saved.
* [BugFix] Right-click menu items for custom alias entries with custom /ICON values were not triggering correctly.
* [Change] Changed the way shortcut (.lnk) icons are resolved for display --  waiting for reports if this helps or hurts.
* [MinorFeature] Added special search modifier +launchone that will launch the matching alias as soon as there is only one result in display.

Version 2.213.01 - Nov 29, 2013

* [Tweak] Option to use generic filetype icons for network drives listed in options to avoid slowdowns.
* [Tweak] Improved icon lookup times (but still some improvements remain to be done, stay tuned).
* [Tweak] Added tweaks+debugging tab in options.
Version 2.211.01 BETA - August 26, 2013

* [BugFix] In previous versions an english language keyboard layout could be loaded at startup and not unloaded in some cases.
* [Change] FARR used to have a setting for periodic update checking; periodic update checking is no longer supported.  Starting with this version there is a new setting on the initial General Options tab that says whether an update check should be performed at program startup.  If user wants to check for updates more frequently they can trigger an update check explicitly from the options dialog or tray menu.
* [BugFix] FARR will not minimize on loss of focus when options form is visible.
* [BugFix] Autocomplete of directories on network mapped drives was not adding trailing \ character (thanks josh).

Version 2.206.01 - Jan 7, 2013

* [MinorFeature] Added option to not differentially score different results within a single alias when using regex filtering option for the alias.
* [MinorFeature] Added some plugin settable/getable values to bypass % variable replacement: showhtmlraw, rawuservar, launchmeta
* [BugFix] Plugins were not being given a chance to act on explicit directory browsing.
* [BugFix] querynokeywords being passed to plugins was not correct, it was including keywords.
* [BugFix] AppCapAppendMemo functions were starting out with "Hello" in memo.
* [BugFix] AppCap function could hang FARR if it was repeatedly invoked many times per second.
* [Kludge] You can now use ;;, to separate multiple launch strings when specifying farr:// links inside html pages.
* [Documentation] Thanks to DC member ewemoa for all the help with this release.
Version 2.203.01 - Oct 22, 2012

* [BugFix] FARR would not launch files with hidden spaces at the END of the filename.
* [BugFix] FARR was not showing proper icons for shortcuts that use custom icons.
* [Change] Changed default heuristic score of folder as % of file score from 90 to 50, because folders were showing up above files in some cases.
* [Documentation] Added info about using CapsLock to trigger FARR.
* [MinorFeature] Added option to not launch results via function keys.
Version 2.200.01 - Sep 25, 2012

* [Feature] Built in replacement vars (e.g. %WINDIR%) now accept lowercase version as well (%windir%)
* [Feature] Environmental replacement now performed in search box text.
* [Feature] New option to use generic icons for folders when directory browsing -- speeds up win8 browsing and in cases where custom dynamic folder icons are used.
* [Feature] Added auto-completing environmental variable listing feature/alias; type % to see list of all environmental variables.
* [BugFix] Last selected alias file was not always remembered between runs.
* [MinorChange] Right-clicking on a result to bring up context menu now stops any running search.
* [Improvement] Small improvement in caching item icons for faster display of updating search results.
* [BugFix] Fixed crash when displaying dates on files whose file timestamp is after year 9999.
* [Feature] You can now tell FARR what to do when you hit enter and there are no results showing, by setting the new option on the Launching Files tab (this used to require creating a special noresults alias); FARR will remind you of this the first time you hit enter when there are no results.
* [Feature] Added shellexec special virtual launch string command that simulates typing a line into a dos command console (e.g. supports arguments and will launch executables on the system path); changed default run alias to use.
* [Feature] First experimental attempt to have CapsLock trigger for FARR preserve caps lock state.
* [Feature] New experimental tweak option on Display Options tab, labeled "Speed up display by avoiding lookup of some icons"; disabled by default.  Enabled if some search results cause a pause in your FARR when displaying them.
* [Change] Removed Ctrl+Alt+O shortcut, as it could conflict with some diacriticals.
* [Improvement] Improved speed of large directory listings.
* [Change] Default options are now to show 100 (previously was 30) entries in directory browsing mode; and not show more by default (previous was to do +sall) on directory browsing.
* [Improvement] Huge speedup in displaying results in some cases.
* [Feature] New alias options to show certain aliases only on certain versions of windows (used in control panel alias).
* [Feature] Brand new Windows-8 updated control panel alias (cpanel) and windows admin control center (mmc), created by DC member Josh.
* [Feature] Added new "Add Alias" button to alias tab, which automatically brings user to the myaliases.alias file if the currently selected alias file is read-only.
* [Improvement] Miscellaneous improvements to working with aliases and other options lists; now remembers your position in the list as you edit/add/delete items.
* [Major Improvement] Huge speedup in displaying results in some cases, Huge speedup in directory browsing speeds.
* [Improvement] Ctrl+Shift+Enter launches item as administrator (elevated privileges) and works with shellexec; use /runasadmin to create an alias that does this without ctrl+shift.
Version 2.105.01 - April 1, 2012

* [Feature] New option to position FARR window centered on current monitor when triggered.
* [Feature] For portable users, program now checks for ConfigDir_Default.ini if ConfigDir.ini not found; prevents your custom ConfigDir.ini file from being overwritten when unpacking portable distribution zip.
* [Feature] For portable users, StartWithWindows option now starts unchecked on first use, if running in portable mode.
* [Feature] ConfigDir.ini directory now supports environmental variable replacement, including %COMPUTERNAME%.
* [Feature] Pressing Ctrl while you hit Enter will now launch the selected (or first if in search box) item AND keep the FARR window open.
* [Doc] Added note about excluding FARR from Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus for better performance.
Version 2.104.02 - Feb 14, 2012

* [MajorFeature] Executable and setup are now digitally signed for extra security; instead of a zip-compatible installer, there are now 2 separate downloads for installer and portable version.
* [BugFix] When using the -launch commandline call, and several other unusual places where files were launched, custom plugins were not being given a chance to take over launching.
* [BugFix] Some windows 7 start menu items were failing to launch (for example the Snipping tool)
* [MinorFeature] Added context menu item to run the selected result "as admin"
* [MinorFeature] New option in custom font overides to set statusbar font size same as small text fontsize.
Version 2.102.03 - Oct 4, 2011

* [BugFix] Restores previous custom myaliases.alias.bak file automatically if it was erased by previous installer bug.
* [MinorFeature] Better backing up of alias files after editing.
Version 2.102.02 - Oct 3, 2011

* [BugFix] Alias contents that used % variables were not showing their application icons if a default icon was specified for alias -- thanks Ulf.
* [BugFix] The new advanced option to block saving of settings was enabled by default (STUPID).
* [BugFix] The updater dialog was not showing program name.
Version 2.102.01 - Oct 3, 2011

* [BugFix]  Document files that started with . were not being launched properly.
* [Feature] New option for specifying a custom portable document opener which will be used to launch documents (works well with Portable Extension Warlock).
* [Feature] Added command sendkeys to allow alias results to simulate keypresses (alternative to paste); for syntax see here.
* [MinorFeature] You can now use % variables and environmental variables in \ICON entries for alias results.
* [MinorFeature] Version # now shown in tray icon hint.
* [MinorFeature] Added option to prevent FARR from saving settings except when closing Options dialog -- useful ONLY for users on network share or similar scenario.
* [MinorFeature] Added option to close after toolbar button launch.
* [MinorFeature] Added new value plugins can retrieve, "userdatadir", which points to writeable directory where plugins should store any (uniquely named) configuration files.
* [BugFix] The %MYRECENTDOCS% macro was not being expanded.
Version 2.99.01 - June 11, 2011

* [MinorFeature] You can now drag files onto custom toolbar button to open them with the toolbar command; as always you can still just select a result and click the toolbar button.
* [MinorFeature] You can now use Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Delete to delete previous and next words from search edit cursor position, and ctrl+left/right arrows to move cursor by words; i still don't know why people use this feature but users demanded it.
* [MinorChange] Changed wording of result context menu items for adding scoring rules.
* [BugFix] Fixed problem where FARR window would sometimes slightly change size after multiple executions.
Version 2.98.01 - Mar 22, 2011

* [MinorFeature] Added ability to set caret position when triggering search via hotkey (put $caret; where you want caret).
* [MinorFeature] Eliminated inefficiency when triggering search via hotkey.
* [MinorFeature] Added option to do early replacing of %environmental% and user variables in the search text (useful for directory browsing).
* [BugFix] Hotkey option to not clear search text was not being obeyed.
Version 2.96.01 - Feb 5, 2011

* [BugFix] No more "No Disk in Drive" errors on shortcuts that link to unmounted drives (yay! thanks to all testers)
* [MinorFeature] New options on Search Behavior tab to disable shortcut resolving (can speed up search of start menu but prevents search matching real linked filenames)
Version 2.95.01 - Jan 16, 2011

* [BugFix] New updater code was popping up options dialog on checking, could result in random display of options dialog every 12 hours for no reason.
* [BugFix] The ++arguments method of passing commandline arguements now does not lowercase options
* [MinorFeature] Added some commandline options.
* [MinorFeature] Added some plugins to list of installable plugins (farrwindowssearch,farrwebmetasearch,farrmilk)
Version 2.93.01 - Nov 21, 2010

* [MinorFeature] New minimal built-in update checking (optional) even for users with the DcUpdater tool installed.
* [BugFix] Properties dialog now shows on Windows 7.
* [MinorFeature] Added "balloon" launch command for showing a balloon mesage
* [BugFix] Better default icons for web urls (could be blank in previous version)
* [MinorFeature] You can now (manually) add urls and "restartsearch ..." entries to the history list
Version 2.90.01 - Aug 18, 2010

* [MajorFeature] Faster wakeup display from minimized state (see also the StayInMemoryLonger option on General Options tab)
* [Feature] Alias matches now show instantly even when keypress delay option is enabled.
* [BugFix] When you do not have "stop on exact alias match" checked and an alias was matched, it could show large numbers of results.
* [Feature] New install of farr now adds the search directory %PROGRAMFILES64% which will search in the win64 specific program files directory (not just the Program Files (x86) directory); older users should add this directory manually.
* [BugFix] When launch results had an argument that ended in \ it could mess up launching of them
* [BugFix] When the option to show FARR in taskbar when active was set, there was an additional delay before FARR could start accepting characters after unminimizing.
* [MinorFeature] Added text in options tabs reminding people to right-click to add/edit/delete items.
* [MinorFeature] Added version of appcapappendmemo that doesn't scroll to bottom of memo.
Version 2.87.03 - May 4, 2010

* [MinorFeature] appcapappendmemo now auto scrolls to bottom of memo.
* [MinorFeature] new alias launch string to explicitly go to end of memo  (gomemobottom)
* [MinorFeature] modified text in alias dialog to make clear alias name was also trigger text
* [MinorFeature] attempt to remove some blinking from memo mode when text doesn't change.
* [BugFix] attempt to extend max length of environmental variable replacement in things like search directories
* [Feature] you can now refer to the currently selected result (or first result) using a variable replacement (%CURRENTRESULTNB%); especially useful for triggering actions via hotkey.
* [Feature] you can now recursively include file contents with the #filecontents alias string.
* [Feature] improved and documented the use of * for alias pattern to always match search against contents.
* [Feature] added -exitifnotrunning commandline option and clarified help on others.
* [Feature] added error on commandline args that aren't understood.
* [Feature] now checks the return value from plugin Initialize function; if false is returned, the plugin is not loaded.  This could break plugins that have been returning false from the Initialization function in the past with no effect.
* [Feature] you can now ask FARR to recache the search folder directories and re-resolve any user variable or environment variables, using the recachedirpaths launch string.
* [Feature] added ewemoa's "fhelp" alias file that provides direct links into farr chm help file based on matching
* [Feature] errors parsing xml files are now reported (and saved to troubleshooting log)
Version 2.86.01 - February 28, 2010

* [BugFix] - Non-contiguous matching was not happening within alias results.
* [BugFix] - PgDn during searching was retriggering search even if it was already in showall mode.
Version 2.84.01 - February 15, 2010

* [BugFix] - Search directories were not expanding environmental variables.
* [Feature] - Added /hideifnoexist (hide the result if the file specified does not exist)
* [BugFix] - Result labels for items with /options could be messed up (hopefully i haven't broken anything while fixing this)
* [Feature] - Added new ability to specify search text to simulate on blank search box.  By setting text here you are asking FARR to simulate a specific search when there is nothing in the search edit box.  Useful if for example you want to specify the contents of an alias result on blank search.
* [BugFix] - An alias result that starts with %uservar.% will be replaced prior to being listed -- useful for using user variables for paths, etc.; in the past the resolution happened only at launch time.
* [Feature] - Typing just +modifierkeyword to restrict search to certain directories will now list those directories.
* [MinorFeature] - Search text is added to search history when FARR is minimized or enter is pressed in search window.
* [Feature] - You can now hit PgDn from search box to tell FARR to find *ALL* results, not just the few that normally fit in the window; You can continue to hit PgDn and PgUp to page through results after that.  When more results available the statusbar now hints about PgDn.
* [MinorFeature] - A few tweaks that may speed up search a tiny bit.
* [BugFix] - Option to show on taskbar was not working.
* [BugFix] - Attempting to improve a black flicker on win7 (or slow pcs) when auto-resizing window.
* [MinorImprovement] - Improved search directory keyword modifier instructions.
* [Feature] - New option to disable non-contiguous searching when in Show All (+sall or PgDn) mode, to help weed out extraneous matches and speed up search (set by default).
* [BugFix] - Hopefully fixed bug that could cause crash if exiting while searching.
* [Feature] - Added ability for plugins to add items to launch and search history (addlaunchhistory,addsearchhistory).
* [BugFix] - The myaliases.alias file (where custom user aliases are stored) was not being created on the first run for a new user (only on second run).
Version 2.80.02 - November 20th, 2009

* [Feature] - Ability to customize titlebar, including ability to put date and time in it.
* [BugFix] - Users can no longer delete built-in hotkeys (but they can be disabled).
* [MinorFeature] - Added option to disable troubleshooting log.
* [Feature] - You can launch an item as an administrator by holding Ctrl+Shift as you launch it (or adding /runasadmin to the result in alias list)
* [Feature] - The launch history and search history are now saved to independent files (in config dir) instead of the ini file; allows faster save of bigger lists, and means less paranoia when moving and sharing normal ini settings file.
* [MinorFeature] - Improved text of options dialog for history options.
* [MinorFeature] - When reducing the number of items to keep in history, it now truncates the current list.
* [BugFix] - When launch history reached max, new items were not being added.
Version 2.77.01 - August 26th, 2009

* [BugFix] - Changing skins preview while options dialog was open sometimes showed larger window than it should.
* [BugFix] - Triggering toolbar button with .lnk file argument was not resolving the lnk.
* [BugFix] - Farr was showing more results than it should if an alias used the dosearch action.
* [BugFix] - Alias action modifier launching was not working.
* [BugFix] - When launching alias results that were .lnk files, the /showmax type alias arguements were not obeyed.
* [MinorFeature] - some options moved to new tabs in options.
* [BugFix] - Moving and deleting items in one of the option lists could on rare occasions lead to an error when loading the ini file on next run (would report bad ini file and reset to defaults).
* [BugFix] - When option to use numpad keys to launch was set, numpad keys could not be used for memo/html mode typing of numbers (which hindered their use in calculator plugins for example).
* [MinorFeature] - Using the paste special alias command now pastes \r\n when the \n constant is found in the paste text.
* [Feature] - You can now customize the result background color for the main results window.
Version 2.75.01 - July 26st, 2009

* [Minor Feature] Attempt to speed up first display by pre-checking file existence in history.
* [Minor Feature] You can now use the dolaunch alias command (which launches a result without user having to hit enter), to restart the search, and simulate them pressing enter using \n.
* [BugFix] The dolaunch alias that was used to show an html page was clearing the page before it could be seen.
Version 2.71.01 - July 12th, 2009

* [BugFix] Icons for shortcut links with custom icon settings were not being shown properly due to change in v2.70.01; hopefully now this is fixed and the previous x64 shortcut/icon fixup stuff is still working.
Version 2.70.01 - July 7th, 2009

* [BugFix] Using the igo alias multiple times could result in an error about "Resource In Use" for users with old versions of Internet Explorer 6 installed.
* [BugFix] Attempt to fix icon display and launching for some .LNK shortcuts (especially x64 programs on x64 OS); let's see if this breaks anything for other users.
* [BugFix] Clarified the statusbar display during initial searching.
* [MinorFeature] Program now checks file existence of previous launch history on startup which should avoid the delay on first search.

You can read more about the changes and bugs in previous releases on this long 35 page thread.  Or in the online help file for FARR v2.

Well, I said "I'll believe it when I see it" and now I'm seeing it! Congrats Mouser.

Yews, as I said in PM, great job mousey. After a year of alpha status, its good to see some exposure for farr2 :)

There's nothing to celebrate really, this is just one more v2 release -- there will be more as more bugs are fixed and features are added.  This is *not* the public final release of v2.

Beta is a better status than Alpha for FARR i think  :Thmbsup:

good move ;)


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