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Fixed it!

Just had to delete the Iconhandler for .exe files. :)

Found the solution here:

Cheers for the reply!

Yeah, the items do launch correctly, and explorer and all other programs show them correctly.
I suspect the issue could be due to my icon theme.. I'm using IconPackager, and if I change the icon theme, the icons in FARR change as well.
The icons in the screenshot is basically the icon for default/unknown file types.
I have tried reverting back to the system icons and even tried uninstalling IconPackager, but that only changed the default icon and the issue basically remained. (Note that IconPackager doesn't actually modify any system files).

Anyways, it still doesn't explain why some icons show up and some don't. And also, why it appears to be affecting only FARR.

Does FARR use a non-standard method to display icons?


Will offer a nice bounty for a solution that doesn't involve re-installation of the OS.

Hi all,

Since I installed Windows 8.1, none of the icons for non-system EXE and LNK are displayed correctly.


However, icons for built-in system applications display just fine.

So far, it seems to be affecting only FARR.

I have tried rebuilding my icon cache, running an SFC, and also tried a fresh installation of FARR with the same results.

Any suggestions on how to fix this is highly appreciated!

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