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Well, I made a personal website on a free host back in 1998 and it was still around till last year, untill I closed my account.

The photos I uploaded to PhotoBucket when the site first started (2003?) are still around.

I would bet my data more on online storage than on paper or disc. Sure, one server may get wiped, two servers even. But what about three? Just don't store all your eggs in one basket.

Why not just store the data online? Assuming you've put your files on a reliable host that's likely to function for many years, it's no longer your headache to make sure that the data doesn't deteriorate.

General Software Discussion / Re: How do you launch stuff?
« on: October 03, 2007, 10:10 AM »
I prefer Executor. It works like launchy/FARR/Slickrun.

The configuration set-up screenshots make it look complicated.  How do you compare it to FARR and SlickRun?  SlickRun, at least, looks comparatively simple on the surface.

Also, I see Executor has "limited functionality" on Win9x which I still use at home   :(
It certainly has some features that both of them don't have. Don't ask me to list them, they're way too many. The options screen isn't *that* complicated if you just go through section by section. Besides, the installer has a wizard that will set it up the way you like. If you like a minimalist design for instance, Executor can be set up in that way.

About the Win9x compatibility, I suppose the "limited functionality" isn't anything major, probably something like transparency not being available. Any particular reason why you're using Win9x at home?


@edbro: Yes, Executor does search for programs, but it doesn't do bookmarks :( I guess I'll have to drop another note to the author :)

General Software Discussion / Re: What linux needs?
« on: October 02, 2007, 11:11 PM »
^ "somewhat compatible"? It's already "somewhat compatible". I've been using ROS in my boot cd for emergency operations and found that it can run quite a few win32 programs with ease. There have also been some hybrid LiveCDs projects which mixes binaries from ReactOS and WinPE to get really small and functional LiveCDs. This is more proof that ReactOS is quite compatible already.

General Software Discussion / Re: What linux needs?
« on: October 02, 2007, 10:31 PM »
Personally i would much rather wait for a new clean operating system than deal with *nix.

I stick with windows mainly because of the applications available.  But like switching languages, i'd be prepared to switch if i found something nice and clean and elegant.  linux is none of these (imho).  It's a mess and burdened with the baggage of it's history.  Both windows and linux are suffering severely under the strain of age.

How about ReactOS? It started off fresh, is based on the principles of nix and is binary compatible with windows :)

Although it's not yet "there", but I feel more people would switch over to ReactOS instead of Linux once it's there, myself included.

Other promising projects are SkyOS, E/OS and TinyKRNL

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