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General Software Discussion / Re: Twitter harakiri‘d. All was gone.
« on: January 22, 2023, 04:57 PM »
Time to start screaming myself.

I was never interested in social media, but I had a Twitter account for a short while.  I just didn't 'get' it, and only wanted to follow three things, two of which I lost interest in.  Then Twitter pestered me to follow more people, so I closed it.

I'm very wary of what now calls itself 'Meta' for its creepy surveillance practices and the way it awards itself free usage of anything you post.  I did, however, want to follow some local artists, and they were all on Instagram.  Hence I inched closer to getting an Instagram presence, only to find several articles raging about Instagram's sudden aping of TikTok, spamming you with auto-playing videos instead of things you actually want to follow. Exit Instagram.

In another part of the wood, I really liked using Simplenote to transfer text items between Android devices and the PC.  I used Glance Note on Android (at one point, recommended by wraith808) and CintaNotes on the PC, both of which keep data in local databases.  But now Simplenote have gone like Twitter in dropping the API and banning third-party applications, which would mean sticking to their own apps - apparently their PC app is a huge Electron thing - and worse, keeping my data solely in their cloud.  Well, I want access to it even if I don't have an Internet connection.  The latest iteration of their Android app includes "Simplenote Sustainer.  Help support the ongoing development of Simplenote with an annual subscription."  We know that keeping things forever free is a hard ask, but I'd have preferred them to make it payware or even donationware from the beginning, and retain third-party API access.

The moral seems to be beware big tech companies offering "free" goodies.  As for Twitter, Mastodon looks set to gain.

General Software Discussion / Re: Lastpass hacked proper
« on: December 28, 2022, 04:26 PM »
What's insane is all of these password managers are absolutely fanatical about convincing you to put your passwords on the web -- ostensibly so that you can sync to multiple devices, but perhaps more importantly so they can sell subscription software as a service regular fees.

That's what I thought, too...

Roboform has been pathological about forcing people to move to their roboform "everywhere" plan where your all of your sensitive password data is stored on their servers.

I find their hyping of "Everywhere" tiresome.  Yet they still allow you to use RoboForm "Free," if you are content not to sync and not to have the other extra features in "Everywhere" (such as 2FA).  Comparison of "Free" and "Everywhere" is here:  Presumably they genuinely value their cloud storage.  I don't; I think there's some kind of principle here.  I don't intend to generate important things like passwords, hand them to someone else for storage, then hire back their use.  But, I've reinstalled RoboForm Free, because it still seems better than e.g. Sticky Password for complicated form-filling.

General Software Discussion / Re: Listary 6 released
« on: December 19, 2022, 04:16 PM »
I am quite happy with Listary 5, and went back to it from an earlier 6 beta when I realized the newer one left off paths in some of the filename displays, making it impossible to differentiate files having the same name.  I am curious to see how this release looks in that regard.

I think the latest v.6 is similar, but I've gone back to Listary 5 too, for two reasons:
  • Tapping Ctrl three times to access the Listary launcher didn't work properly.  I usually had to make a positive fusillade of taps to raise it.
  • I went into Options to add a custom Keyword - and couldn't find where they were!  Maybe that's just me...  :(

From Private Eye, No. 1587, 2 Dec. - 15 Dec. 2022:


General Software Discussion / Listary 6 released
« on: October 10, 2022, 04:55 PM »
In case nobody else has noticed, Listary 6 has been released, after a four-year gap.

From the download page:

What’s new in this version?
If Listary 6 is not working correctly after upgrading from Listary 5, try to uninstall it, reboot, and then reinstall. (10/10/2022)

New: Support Windows 11 multi-tab File Explorer
New: Add a beta channel option for updates
Improved: Improve Action stability and performance (5/25/2022)

New: New user interface – Elegant and effective, beauty in every pixel and color
New: New search and sorting algorithm
New: Web search with live suggestions
New: Preview
New: Full HiDPI support
New: Execute a search result using Ctrl + Num hotkey
New: Show Quick Switch folder after opening a file dialog
New: Disable double Ctrl automatically for full-screen games and apps.
New: Customize folder priorities and file name priorities using regex.

Still the same very generous license; free for personal use, $19.95 for advanced features and use in workplace; lifetime free updates; installation on up to three computers owned by you allowed.  In my opinion, incredible value for an incredibly useful program.

So jolly well yah sucks boo to the naysayers who said Listary 6 would never be released  8)

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