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General Software Discussion / Undelete utilities - differences?
« on: December 05, 2023, 04:45 PM »
A number of utilities claim to be able to undelete deleted files.  Some claim to retrieve data from formatted or even damaged media.

Apart from things like cost, speed and convenience, is there much difference between the various programs?  Are they all using much the same methods, with much the same results?

I see it's had another update two days ago:

The dedication is definitely up there! :up:

He really, really needs to write the Automation chapter of Help  :)

Some screenshot programs can use delayed capture
Like Screenshot Capture...

Also PicPick (free for personal use), ShareX (free) and HyperSnap (shareware).  ShareX can be run from the command line (don't know about the others), which might be another way of making a delayed screenshot.

I think my brain just doesn't work the way Mouser's Screenshot Captor does.  Maybe it's the amount of customisation.  Some programs include everything but the kitchen sink. Mouser gives you a choice of kitchen sinks to suit all decors...

Is it vital to use keystrokes?

Some screenshot programs can use delayed capture, e.g. FastStone Capture (low-cost payware and very good).  Have you tried delayed capture, which might give you time to move the cursor out of your region of interest before the capture happens?

The very responsive author seems to have quite a few beta testers, and has been extremely busy squashing bugs and adding features.  Glad to see it made it to full release.

I hope the license isn't his downfall, too, though it's worked OK for other shareware.

EDIT:  the author points out that the unlock code is tied to the PayPal email used to purchase the code, which should deter spreading it around.

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