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Ironically, I believe the only thing I have installed from the Windows store is Ubuntu for WSL.

Great job :Thmbsup:.

I think the problem is not so much the risk for the average user to get hit by this on his home computer (outside of browsers), but that half the web runs on AWS/Azure/Whatever, so the average user could get hit by extension when the servers running the websites they use potentially leak passwords and personal data.

Updated Atom and VS Code themes out, and a more recent screenshot in the original post.

Thanks  :-*.

I made a minor update to the VS Code version, adding colors for the overview ruler (bar next to scrollbar), peek view (when you right-click a symbol and peek), and the git markers in the gutter.

Fiddling with the Atom version atm, but the docs are a bit less clear on what you can do.

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