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Sometimes I've simply had my phone in my pocket while out taking pictures, and then went to Google location history (think it's called timeline now), which automatically tracks your movements, and exported the data and imported it into Lightroom.

I haven't done that for about a year or two though, so I don't know if this is still possible.

Good idea about taking a picture of your clock!

Just read an article about why GitHub is worth that kind of money to Microsoft here:

I agree that this seems like a smart move from Microsoft, assuming they do not manage to screw it up, in which case they might have an even harder time winning back developers.

I don't personally see any reason to move projects around at the moment, but if I had private repositories on GitHub with the source for something that might compete with something Microsoft does, who knows.

Information is now available at

From a cursory glance, it seems the problem is in how some programs (email clients) handle image links embedded in html messages.

Basically, an attacker who has gotten hold of a message encrypted for you can send you an email with that encrypted message as part of a link to an image, and the email client will decrypt the encrypted part and then attempt to retrieve the image, effectively sending the plaintext to the attacker as part of the url.

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Wow, passed 7,500 with one week to go :-*.

The specific instruction used here (MOV EDI, EDI) reminded me of a bug I had almost ten years ago with it being used in 64-bit code - for anyone interested I wrote a blog post about it.

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