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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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i'm about to describe something that has 'probably' been done already elsewhere - if so can someone please let me know what the program is called...

if not, then i think this is another autohotkey task - i'd have a go myself but i much prefer to dish out the DC credits to someone that can save me the headache.

anyway, this is my request:

i've a 24" widescreen monitor (which i seem to keep telling everyone) and i'd really like to make full use of it, well, as it's so wide i'd like to use it like a dual monitor layout sometimes.

i'd like to be able to drag a window to the left or right edge of the screen and after a short pause the window would resize itself to fit the right half or the left half of the monitor.

this could be extended so if i drag a window the the bottom edge it will resize to fit the bottom half OR some other resize.

this type of drag window auto resize could be extended further so that there would be specific areas along the left and right and bottom edges of my screen (NOTE HOW I SAY BOTTOM - that's just because i have the system taskbar and system tray at the top of my screen), these specific areas would act as the triggers to auto resize the window to preset window sizes and locations.

so, as an example, i'd drag my web browser to the left of the screen - when the mouse cursor reaches the edge of the screen i pause and hold the window title a bar a second or two then it auto resizes to fit just the left part of my monitor.

if i drag to the window and pause on LOWER left side of the screen then the window auto resizes to fit the lower left quarter - a similar thing would happen on the right hand side of course if i dragged it there.

the bottom and top edges of the screen could trigger several other window sizes and positions, say, drag to the top middle and the window centers and resizes to 1024x768 or whatever.

i think this idea could be extended further - these are just the things that occur to me straight away.

i know there are keyboard shortcuts for this sort of the thing that have been done before - which is great - i'd really like to have both features really: user definable keyboard shortcuts for the main auto resizes and mouse drag trigger borders too.

thanks for listening.

You definitelly are looking for Acer GridVista.
Now, the question here is if it can be used by non-acer computers.
And if there's another alternative.
But i have that software, and it works just perfectlly. Unfortunatelly, my screen is too small to give it some real use.

Carol Haynes:
Nice find ... Just tried it on my MSI Based AMD computer (using WinXP Pro) and it seems to work great.

You can download it from this page - though you get a dire warning about BIOS upgrades - which of course this isn't ;)

Here are a few screen images to show you how it works ...

First it adds and icon to the system tray, where you can select the screen layout you want ...

Three icons are added to all windows' title bars during installation...

Unfortunately there is no way to reposition or diable these buttons which is a nuicance if you PS HotFolders installed as you can't see all of the HotFolders icon because the third GridVista button is drawn dynamically over it. You can see enough to use PS HotFolders but it is slightly annoying. The PS right click menu works fine (even if you right click on the GridVista icon over it!!) but requires a degree of accuracy for left click.

The left button allows you to place this window in a predetermined area of the screen by the grid layout you chose at the system tray:

You may also notice that you can make the window transparent from that button too (though there are no choices for levels of transparency - I'd guess it is about 50% transparent).

The button 1 options are also added to the window menu (right click on the title bar).

Once you have locked the window to a particular region moving the window about the screen locks it to the nearest grid region when you release it.

The centre button allows you to enable or disable the lock to grid feature.

The pin button gives a quick always on top feature for the window.

If you have placed the window in the grid then double clicking the title bar or hitting the maximize button returns the window to its original location even if you have moved it round the grid previously. Hitting the maximize button a second time actually maximizes the window to full screen.

Also if the grid lock is enabled when you drag a window the underlying grid is displayed on screen and you can simply drop the window into predetermined places.

many thanks jgpaiva and Carol.

i'll download and play with it right now...

standard reminder: this is what credits are made for :)


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