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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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I'm not really a coder so I'm having some trouble with gridmove. I would like to set it up so I can do 4 vertical windows on my dell u34. Is there an easy way to make a custom grid of some sort? I didn't really understand it from reading the note file :P Nothing like I want in the templates.

And I saw some people talking about changing the hotkeys for moving the windows around. I also find it that the middle mouse button doesn't work out for me. Could I possible make it something like windows+arrow keys to like it is on standard win10 snaps?

Thanks in advance for any help.

If I connect a monitor to a notebook, GridMove has a layout from notebook's resolution. GridMove's restart helps. Is there any automatic way to do it?

hi there,
I like the idea.
But when I drag screen the right, there is a gap between windows and my monitor's edge.
How I can remove it?


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