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Version History


v4.36.1 - Jan 2, 2020

[Improvement] You can now set custom toolbar icon size (More Interface Options tab).
[Feature] New menu function, SpecialFx -> Delete selection (make transparent)


v4.35.1 - Dec 30, 2019

[BugFix] Mobile phone or other photos with rotation information are now auto-rotated to correct orientation.
[Improvement] Updated compatible version of Mouser's Media Browser for image file management/browsing.
[MinorImprovement] Create new folder here function will now ensure the new folder is uniquely named.
[MinorImprovement] Minor tweaks to option descriptions.
[Improvement] Added preconfigured tools for The Gimp, and Corel Paint Shop Pro (will be auto populated in Tool menu if found installed)
[BugFix] The tool system (sctool) configuration files were not finding programs in the x64 C:\Program Files\ directory if the tool was configured as in %ProgramFiles%
[BugFix] Red box (and other) object capture could capture a larger area of the screen when capturing whole windows on Windows 10.


v4.31.1 - Dec 2, 2018

[Improvement] Print menus now show target printer name
[BugFix] Hotkeys with Alt in them could confuse the new preset-size capture mode functions.


v4.29.1 - July 31, 2018

[Improvement] About box now tells you what directory the program is using to save its settings; this should aid in some troubleshooting.


v4.29.0 - Apr 2, 2018

[Improvement] Region select mode is now much more responsive.
[Improvement] Region select mode now shows region size hint much more clearly
[Improvement] Region select mode crosshairs are now easier to see on a variety of backgrounds.
[Improvement] When copying image (or region) to clipboard that has alpha transparency, the alpha transparency is preserved.
[New Feature] New menu item in Objects menu to save current image or region into the MyClipart folder for reuse as a clipart object.
[New Feature] New right-click context menu in clipart panel to browse current clipart directory with file explorer (useful for managing/renaming MyClipart files).
[Improvement] Fixed-size region captures now use same capture mode as region-select mode, just starting out in selection-move mode; so now all of the region select mode features and hotkeys are available (use '1'-'9' to choose from preset sizes, use 'r' key to toggle region mode, etc.)
[New Feature] Hold alt key while dragging second corner of region in region capture mode to preserve aspect ratio.
[BugFix] It's possible that jpg "Date Created", normally left blank by SC, could be set to values photo loaded by SC.
[Improvement] The common default screenshot directory folder is now added near top of GoTo/MoveTo directory lists at startup.


v4.27.3 - Feb 24, 2018

[Help] Added new help topic on region select mode.
[Improvement] Much faster and smoother region capture mode keyboard nudge operation.
[Improvement] Added 'T' shortcut in region capture mode to toggle controlling corner (useful for nudging and adjusting region).
[Improvement] Tweaked the detection of a simple left-click in region capture mode to avoid spurious case where a single click was interpreted as a drag and release capture in region capture mode.
[Improvement] Added 'R' shortcut in region capture mode to switch to fixed sized region move mode.
[Improvement] Added ability to quickly select preset region sizes in region capture mode using your favorite and last sizes, using keys 0-9.
[New Feature] Auto selection adjustment (under Edit Menu) -- will resize (both and expand and shrink) the current selection region to tightly fit the foreground contents on a solid background.  Great for isolating GUI controls, windows, etc.;  New toolbar menu item for this command, and shortcut key 'a' in editor.
[New Feature] In main editor, use keys 0-9 to select from MyFavorite region sizes (0 to unselect).
[BugFix] Pixelation effects grid borders were sometimes off by one pixel.
[BugFix] Sorting by name in thumbnail panel was not working.
[Improvement] Speed of sorting thumbnail panel has been improved.
[BugFix] Eliminated unnecessary long delay after closing options panel and performing other operations that effected the thumbnail panel (sorting, etc.).
[BugFix] Active screenshot (position) in screenshot thumbnail panel was being lost after closing options or performing some other menu operations.
[BugFix] Ragged/splice effects dialog was not remembering choice of affected edges.
[Improvement] New option for post-capture pop-up dialog, you can choose whether the main app should stay minimized when you hit enter from the post-capture pop-up dialog if it was already minimized when you triggered the capture, or should always show the main window afterwards (previously the default).
[Improvement] When copying a selected region to clipboard or saving a selected region as a separate file (see toolbar button and save menu for this handy operation), it will now properly save alpha transparency if the selection is non rectangular (for example made using lasso selection or auto adjust region action).  This can be useful for selecting a gui element on screen and pasting it back as an object that can be moved and manipulated.
[Bugfix] Copying selected region with objects in it was not copying the objects.


v4.22.1 - June 3, 2017

[BugFix] EasyScreencastRecorder .sctool file was not correct, so Easy Screencast Recorder users did not see it in the Tool menu.


v4.21.1 - May 3, 2017

[BugFix] Fixed GDI leak that could cause SC to hang after thousands of captures.


v4.20.1 - Mar 24, 2017

[MajorFeature] First High-dpi compatible version beta.
[Feature] Added option to control whether an override filename specified in the post-capture pop-up dialog will always be used as the full filename (new default; see the "Quick Bar and Post Cap" options tab) or whether it will be used as the %quickfield% field if present in the filename template (old behavior).
[BugFix] Custom filename and comment is no longer cleared after each action on the post-capture pop-up dialog.
[Feature] You can now use %APPDRIVE% and other replacement fields when specifying screenshot folder in options.
[Feature] Workaround for trying to UNDO when using arrow tool.
[Feature] Added option in uploader to preserve log across runs, and to copy log to clipboard.
[BugFix] Right-click to pan/drag was not working right in object mode.
[BugFix] Zoom level label was sometimes not updating if no images were found at startup.


v4.16.1 - Dec 12, 2015

[Feature] Added preliminary support for saving individual images from a scrolling window capture (instead of stitching them together); see [...] button at top right of scrolling capture dialog to perform.  Currently filename is automatically assigned.


v4.15.2 - Nov 7, 2015

[BugFix] The repeat region capture was not capturing the proper location for some multimonitor cases.
[BugFix] The zoom panel in selected-region captures was sometimes failing to respond to cursor movements and could flicker.
[BugFix] Removed duplicate Ctrl+T shortcut in view menu (thanks dluby).
[BugFix] Filenames with dots (.) would sometimes not be shown in thumbnails, sometimes .sctool object files were listed in thumbnails. (thanks lanux!)


v4.14.0 - Oct 26, 2015

[BugFix] The Resize and Fine Rotate dialogs were not properly showing previews of image.
[Feature] Fit Width and Fit Height actions added to View menu.
[Feature] If the current screenshot is renamed outside of SC, SC will try to switch to the renamed file.
[Improvement] When pixelating, any partial transparency is removed in order to reduce the risk of the original pixels being recovered.
[Improvement] JPG quality/compression setting is now of a finer scale and scaled up to a more reasonable (higher quality) range.
[Change] Using SaveAs will now use same quality/compression settings as default.


v4.13.0 - Sep 12, 2015

[BugFix] On Windows 10 (and 8?), active window captures were taking too long and could be blank if Aero capture options were disabled.
[BugFix] On Windows 10 (and 8?), active window captures sometimes looked as if they had an Aero theme added to them.
[BugFix] Program settings were sometimes not being saved when computer rebooted/shutdown.
[BugFix] Zip files were being shown in thumbnail panel.
[BugFix] Fixed error in sample commandline for custom emailer tool.
[BugFIx] Corrected link to ShareX website and improved instruction text for custom uploader configuration,
[BugFix] Corrected a few miscellaneous typos.
[Improvement] On Windows8/10, Aero capture mode was enabled by default, needlessly delaying active window captures; Aero options are now disabled by default for Windows 8/10.
[Improvement] When changing screenshot directories, the program no longer creates a temporary file to test for directory writeability.
[Improvement] Miscellaneous thumbnail panel improvements for compatibility with operating system.
[Improvement] Error message when selecting a PDF file in thumbnail list was not accurate.
[Improvement] Use of the -show commandline option was not bringing program to front if it was already visible.
[Improvement] New "Open Image" item on main file menu.


v4.12.0 - May 28, 2015

[BugFix] Ctrl+C to copy selected region to clipboard (especially with Ctrl+A) was not copying the last row and column.
[Improvement] New option to not display PDF files in thumbnail panel.
[Improvement] Clicking on a PDF file will now show message about double-clicking on thumbnail to open in default external viewer.
[Improvement] Last captured region is now preserved across runs.


v4.10.0 - April 28, 2015

[Improvement] Selecting multiple files with Ctrl+Click from thumbnail panel and dropping on current image now works better because it will ignore the case where the current image is selected.
[Improvement] Selecting multiple images with Ctrl or Shift no longer triggers loading of selected images.
[BugFix] No longer will query pale moon browser for current url even if option enabled in capture tab, since the browser does not respond with info.


v4.9.6 - April 22, 2015

[Improvement] Renaming files in thumbnail panel now preserves file extension.
[Feature Preview] Standalone screenshot window mode (see View menu), allows full screen editing, full-window file browser, and/or small floating preview window.


v4.9.5 - March 23, 2015

[Feature] New option to quickly disable automatic adding of comment/note to captures.
[Feature] Renaming file with .pdf extension in quick filename field will now save a pdf file.
[Feature] Trying to view a PDF file now shows a more informative message in statusbar and opens pdf file with external application.
[Feature] During region capture, the cursor key behavior largely matches that of SC selection process (plain cursor keys MOVE selection rectangle; shift to move bottom right, alt to move top left).
[Change] Changed default option so that changing file extension in quick filename field will not remove original file but create a new one.
[Change] Saving Line/Arrow tool presets now saves arrow start and end shapes (be careful when applying in bulk to existing lines that it doesn't change their orientations).
[Change] When capturing an active window, SC no longer steals focus afterwards.
[Change/BugFix] Bitmap objects are no longer anti-aliased/blurred.
[BugFix] Message about capturing all black/white image could sometimes show behind main window.
[BugFix] When a blank comment field was set in options, it could cause spurious prompts about saving a non-dirty file on new captures.


v4.9.3 - December 16, 2014

[Feature] New print option (default) to match automatically page orientation to screenshot aspect ratio.
[MinorFeature] Added keyboard accelerator for Edit -> Select -> Remember item.
[BugFix] Uploader dialog was opening on wrong initial tab.
[BugFix] Patch region special effect was missing last row+column.
[Change] If you try to minimize SC and have unsaved changes, choosing cancel/dontsave will now still minimize the program.


v4.9.2 - October 13, 2014

[Feature] When you have multiple arrows selected and change arrow properties, all properties are updated except text labels.
[Feature] You can now save and load object preset files (saves and loads all properties of objects like arrows, text memos, etc); you can select some objects and apply an object preset file to change the properties of the selected objects.  It will save the settings of the current tool, or all tools if not in a specific object mode. See Objects menu. To show the Saved presets on the main toolbar (instead of as a submenu of Objects menu) see the "More Interface Options" tab.


v4.9.1 - October 10, 2014

[Feature] You can now control what happens when you hit Ctrl+C (see More Interface Options tab); previously it always did a context-sensitive copy-to-clipboard, copying currently selected region or object if there was one; you can now configure this to always copy whole image to clipboard.
[Feature] Copy-to-clipboard menus now show a more informative context-sensitive caption and include an additional item for copying whole image, in addition to copying selected region or object.
[Feature] Better copy-to-clipboard behavior.
[BugFix] Selected region copy was causing some issues for some users, a Range Check Error [thanks TimB!]
[BugFix] When option to auto add caption to printouts is enabled, it was removing any user-created caption at time of printing.


v4.9.0 - October 8, 2014

[MajorFeature] New action available when dropping an image file onto the current image: Combine images. Let's you easily line up images side by side with automatic scaling.
[Feature] Made it easier to abort scrolling and other capture operations (tray menu changes to display a cancel operation item).
[Feature] Added commandline option to change save file format.
[Feature] Added tools menu to SC system tray menu.
[Feature] When SC encounters an image file of a different format than the extension indicates, it is still loaded but a warning is shown.
[Feature] When SC encounters an error loading an image file, it reports the error and clears the current image selection.
[Feature] Select-region capture can now be performed in additional ways; you can use enter key or spacebar to start and end capture regions (escape cancels; cursor keys nudge; C toggles cursor; Z toggles zoom); quick single mouse click can also now mark start and end positions instead of holding and dragging.
[Feature] By default SC now checks if a capture is all white or all black, and reports the probable cause (interference from a Security App); see Tweaks option tab to turn this off.
[MinorFeature] You can now set a Screenshot directory that SC will always start with even if you changed directories on last run.
[MinorFeature] You can now use cursor (arrow) keys to adjust cursor location during shift+PrtScr selected region capture.
[MinorFeature] Added Up/Down keys to scrolling capture methods.
[MinorFeature] Better instructions for manual scrolling captures.
[MinorFeature] Better handling of canceled dropped file.
[MinorFeature] The warning about resizing images with objects can now be disabled.
[MinorFeature] Changed upload menu icon.
[MinorFeature] 'C' key in region-select mode can now be used to toggle off the display/capture of cursor.
[BugFix] DPI was sometimes not set properly if SC was set to not save image automatically.
[BugFix] It was possible to restore main SC window and then minimize it during scrolling capture, rendering all SC windows invisible.
[BugFix] Red box was flickering in object selection mode.
[BugFix] If using post-capture dialog after captures, and "stay hidden" option is chosen, main window was sometimes restoring if it was showing before capture was initiated.
[BugFix] Nudging selection with arrow keys in region-select mode had an annoying delay/stutter.
[Change] The MyJunk folder is no longer created automatically.


v4.8.6 - July 14, 2014

[MinorChange] The shortcut for deleting the current screenshot has been changed from Ctrl+Q to Ctrl+Delete.
[BugFix] SaveAs was saving .object files even when this option was disabled in options.
[MinorFeature] When loading settings, if a corrupt settings file is discovered, a timestamped copy of the last good backup is made so that it will not be overwritten.


v4.8.5 - May 14, 2014

[MajorImprovement] Completely revamped the "manual" method of performing a scrolling capture, to make it easier to do your own scrolling on stubborn windows.
[MinorImprovement] Added some commandline options for use with an already running copy of Screenshot Captor.
[MinorFeature] You can now toggle the object-capture behavior to not present the "What Now?" dialog where you can choose scrolling capture, etc., and instead do an immediate object/region capture.
[Improvement] Minor improvements to Scrolling Capture workflow/instructions/warnings.


v4.8.2 - April 12, 2014

[MinorChange] Removed the discontinued image hosting service from uploader services; defaulted to imageshack (supporting both anonymous and non-anonymous accounts).
[MinorChange] Clarified warning about image files being visible to public if uploaded to anonymous hosting account.
[MinorChange] If a second instance is launched, SC no longer displays a warning message, it simply un-minimizes the first instance.
[BugFix] Pixelating a tiny region with large grid size could result in floating point error.
[BugFix] Red box capture mode was capturing regions that were missing 1 pixel width around each edge.
[BugFix] Resizing image from resize form could shrink the close-up zoom panel.
[BugFix] Trying to undo from resizing image would not undo object size changes (hit undo twice to do this now).
[BugFix] Automoving old screenshots at startup had not been working in recent versions.
[MinorFeature] Added option to start the auto-capture timer at startup (see startup options tab).
[MinorFeature] New option to immediately jump cursor to arrow text edit box when selecting/adding line arrows for quick labeling and label changes (see drawing object options tab).
[MinorFeature] Added option to disable docking behavior of Quick Capture Bar.
[MinorFeature] Added detailed warning and confirmation dialog with tips before attempting to resize an image containing objects.


v4.8.0 - December 3, 2013

[MinorFeature] Including .sctool file for XnView screenshot folder thumbnail browsing; will show up in your Tools menu if XnView is found installed.
[MinorFeature] Including .sctool file for IrfanView screenshot folder thumbnail browsing; will show up in your Tools menu if XnView is found installed.
[Improvement] Drag and drop of file into the SC window is now smart enough to realize when the file is from the current Screenshot directory and present more appropriate options in this case.
[MinorFeature] New tray item to print last screenshot.
[BugFix] Somehow the 'z' character could not be used in the post-capture dialog for caption or filename.
[MinorFeature] New Redbox capture object mode now will grab cursor if options say to do so (but not when scrolling).
[MinorFeature] New option (on save/load tab) to not show movie files in thumbnail panel.


v4.7.0 - September 12, 2013

[Feature] Added new shape option for arrows (circle endpoints).
[Feature] New quick-search-bar for easy filtering of screenshots listed in thumbnail panel (see view menu).
[Feature] Added File menu item to close current file and have nothing loaded.
[Feature] You can now sort standard thumbnail sidebar with newest at top if you like.
[Feature] New option (enabled by default) to auto-select next file after deletions.
[Feature] New option (Print tab) to invert colors of printouts (maybe useful if printing mostly black images on laser printer).
[Feature] New help panel when in object editing mode (you can disable this new behavior from the Object Drawing options tab).
[Feature] The Caption toolbar button will now help you EDIT an existing caption, replacing and resizing the existing caption text object.
[Feature] New item in Object menu to remove an existing caption.
[Improvement] If user accidentally loads a second instance, the error message and behavior is clearer.
[Improvement] SC now remembers sorting column+direction in list/detail thumbnail sidebar modes.
[Improvement] Improved sizing of columns in different detail view modes; new simple left hand list mode.
[Improvement] When set to stay minimized after capture, if SC was onscreen when capture initiated, it would jump to front and not always relinquish foreground window after completion.  Note that the SC window does return to the screen and not minimize if it was on screen when capture initiated.
[Improvement] Better support for dragging and dropping images from other programs (especially web browser) onto main window.
[Improvement] Starting your word in the new screenshot filter edit box with ~ will show files that do NOT match what it typed next.
[Improvement] Caption dialog form now has a multiline memo for the caption text.
[Change] Iff multiple images are selected, the toolbar delete button will now delete all instead of just the current image.
[Change/Bugfix] Line/Arrow labels with "no-border" mode set could sometimes show a border; now the no-border option shows no border and draws label text directly over existing background.
[BugFix] Print preview settings (margins, orientation, etc.) triggered from post-capture dialog were not being synchronized with main print preview settings.
[BugFix] If you brought up Print setup dialog, and from their print properties dialog, it could be hidden behind main window.
[BugFix] Fixed case where the last file might not be loaded (or scrolled down to) at start of program.
[BugFix] The fix to keep printer setup dialog on top was messing with other forms appearing behind main window.
[BugFix] When SC was on screen at time of initiating capture, sometimes the current foreground window was not preserved as focused window (and did not show up in capture as an active window).
[BugFix] If a modal message was showing, it was possible to toggle main form visible or initiate a capture, hiding the modal message.
[BugFix] Redbox (scrolling and object capture modes) were not obeying the stay-minimized-after-capture options.
[BugFix] Choosing an object (like arrow) to draw, and changing properties BEFORE drawing, was not obeying new settings.
[BugFix] Fixed an error that could occur when using network paths for home/screenshot/config directories.


v4.5.0 - July 8, 2013

[Feature] Post-capture dialog now has a field where you can specify an optional quick custom filename.
[MinorFeature] New option to open windows explorer file browser to location of SaveAs image after a SaveAs.
[MinorFeature] New option to not uniquify filenames when launching the SaveAs dialog.
[MinorFeature] The file template field now has some suggestions in a drop down combo box.
[Feature] New options to customize the post-capture dialog to use it in faster one-key dismissal mode and with one key copy-to-clipboard action.
[BugFix] Minor UI fixes.
[BugFix] Attempting to fix brief appearance of Screenshot Captor taskbar button at windows startup.
[MinorFeature] You can now set auto-print option from tray menu.


v4.4.0 - May 22, 2013

[Improvement] Copy to clipboard after capture was not copying any automatically added shadow.


v4.3.0 - April 22, 2013

[Improvement] Clipboard toolbar button now includes some clipboard paste actions.
[Improvement] Save and open dialogs are now resizable.
[Improvement] Holding shift when triggering delete actions now bypasses recycle bin (conforms with standard windows behavior).
[Improvement] You can now set the custom character used to replace illegal filename characters (default is '_')
[Improvement+BugFix] Previously, the post-capture pop-up dialog operated on the image PRIOR to any alpha-transparency fixups that were applied to an active window capture; this could result in black areas around images that you copied to clipboard from within the postcapture dialog.  Now such operations are performed prior to display in the post-capture dialog -- Thanks BillS!
[Change] If you try to trigger an active window capture from system tray menu you now get a message explaining that you can't trigger it that way.
[BugFix] Previous version was deleting old settings files into the recycle bin.
[BugFix] Random or black 1-pixel sized borders could appear at bottom and/or right border of image if anti-aliasing is enabled and an object with shadows is placed near bottom of image.
[BugFix/Change] Mask files should now end in the extension of the mask file format ("e.g. hands.png.maskjpg" if the mask is in jpg format; you can also use maskpng and maskgif)


v4.1.0 - April 2, 2013

[Feature] Improved scanner device selection and support for additional device types (DCIM cameras).
[Improvement] Right-clicking in thumbnail panel now has better view options.
[BugFix] Left list view was creating multiple columns instead of one long vertical list; now you can use horizontal scrollbar for details.
[BugFix] Scanner device would sometimes not switch to TWAIN mode even when configured to use TWAIN.
[BugFix] Capturing active window with Aero effects could result in wrong window titlebar information in caption.
[BugFix] Right-clicking in thumbnail panel to perform operations could result in exception fault.
[BugFix] Sorting of files in thumbnail panel could get messed up after changing to detail view and changing manual sort and then going back to thumbnail view mode.
[BugFix] Moving screenshot files via drag+drop to directories was not properly moving the extra .object files.
[BugFix] Enabling the capture timer for multiple captures was flashing the active window on each capture.
[BugFix] Zoomed out navigation panel was sometimes not updating.


v4.0 - March 26, 2013

[MajorFeature] Freehand painting/annotations; Like objects, can be edited after save.
[MajorFeature] New (dockable) QuickCapture bar.
[MajorFeature] Undo available for most object manipulation actions.
[MajorFeature] You can now specify custom comment in post-capture pop-up dialog; option to add caption for this comment and/or store it in image comments.
[MajorFeature] You can now capture shots from webcams (see Capture menu).
[MajorFeature] New super-easy-to-use built-in image host uploader (currently supports and imageshack [supports user accounts], more to come); you can still configure the use of ShareX or others if you prefer; warning given on first upload.
[Feature] You can now save and load your entire configuration settings to/from different files, to make it easy to switch between groups of settings [see new menubar on options dialog]
[Feature] You can now save all selected images to an animated GIF file.
[Feature] Added Quick Expand Canvas item in Edit menu for quickly expanding the canvas around the image, which can be useful for adding annotations, etc.
[Feature] You can now define your own custom list of preset sizes that will be available in all resizing/regionsizeselection dialogs and menus (thumbnailer, resizer, etc.).
[Feature] Resizing and selection options can now work by percentages; you can also include percentage based resizing presets.
[Feature] The last directory and file format used in the SaveAs dialog are now remembered; defaults to PNG format.
[Feature] When moving old files into the archive directory, ScreenshotCaptor now shows a summary balloon tray message.
[Feature] Active window selection and information capture is now smarter about choosing a window or sub-window within the capture region if capturing an area that does not include a foreground active window, or especially if performing an arbitrary region capture.  New option (See Window Capturing 1 options tab) to control this.
[Feature] Added more color options for captions (see Automatic Captions tab in options to set defaults); better captions during printing.
[Feature] You can now nudge objects in the same variety of ways you can use to adjust selection (use ctrl,shift,alt and arrow keys to move, grow, shrink); faster object nudging.
[Feature] Selecting and adjusting objects now shows their position and size in status bar -- makes it easier to do fine adjustments.
[Feature] Now provides tip on how to speed up saving with many objects and semi-transparency when GDI+ option is off.
[Feature] New option to flatten transparency during normal saving (PNG images will not exhibit transparency but will preserve it internally for editing).
[Feature] Added Edit menu item to copy current (or selected) image files to clipboard as shell file objects (useful for pasting in email programs, etc.).
[Feature] You can now drop files onto the main window and you will be prompted to make some choices (copy or move files into Screenshot directory, add image files as objects onto current image, or switch to the dropped file and path).
[Feature] Added option to check for updates at startup.
[Feature] In addition to creating animated gifs, you can now display them in SC and easily extract frames (works same as for video files).
[Feature] Added complete selection mode button to toolbar (lasso, freehand, magic wand, etc.)
[Feature] Added new options for handling large captions (enlarge size of caption box to accomodate wrapped text, auto-reduce font size).
[Feature] New option in interface tab to use chessboard pattern for background -- useful for working with transparent images (especially with transparent borders).
[Feature] Added new specialfx operation to remove text/noise inside selection region.
[Feature] You can now right-click on any clipart object and have it applied as a (tiled) background watermark; you can right-click clipart or frames and choose to view a preview in external viewer.
[Feature] Added blendmode property to bitmap objects.
[Feature] New option to tell SC not to save active window internal meta data to file comment meta data; useful if you are using images with an application that extracts and uses file comment meta data (See "More Interface Options" tab).
[Feature] New buttons added to toolbar (copy to clipboard, select/resize preset sizes, etc.)
[Feature] You can now configure what toolbar buttons to show.
[Feature] You can now "remember" (or clear) the currently selection region embedded in an image for subsequent use; see the Edit->Selection menu.
[Improvement] Major revamping of icons throughout the application by DC member Carroll D. (hamradio); Improvements to organization of menus.
[Improvement] Improved alpha transparency rendering when saving images or printing; especially useful when objects are over transparent or semitransparent areas.
[Improvement] Objects are now in front of paint layer.
[Improvement] Added new option to use GDI+ libraries for alternate implementation of alpha blending and transparency (may be significantly faster when using many objects).
[Improvement] Creating new blank image was not clearing transparency info; now uses transparency setting from resize dialog to decide whether to make new image pure opaque or pure transparent.
[Improvement] Faster saving when image does not have transparency.
[Improvement] Arrow text can now be edited in memo mode, which is more convenient for editing larger multi-line text.
[Improvement] Launching of second copy now highlights the tray icon.
[Improvement] Last used clipart directory is now remembered between runs.
[Improvement] Added more caption options, both in auto captions and in interactive caption dialog.
[Improvement] Text boxes can now specify custom border line widths;
[Improvement] Post-capture pop-up dialog now prints print-captions.
[Improvement] Better print captions for small images.
[Improvement] Post-capture pop-up dialog button improvements; remembers position better.
[Improvement] Re-organized option dialogs for better readability.
[Improvement] New options for post-capture dialog including options on where to show form, whether to show print previews, etc.
[Improvement] Added new post-cap option to copy file shell object to clipboard.
[Improvement] Repeat region capture will now repeat a caption of the region of the screen selected by a previous *object* capture.
[Improvement] Some operations that changed directories was not forcing save of dirty file first.
[Improvement] You can drag a folder onto the main window to instruct Screenshot Captor to switch to that directory.
[Improvement] Improved application startup time.
[Improvement] Added some tooltip hints to some controls.
[Improvement] SaveAs folder and format now remembered and used in all places where SaveAs dialog is shown.
[Improvement] SaveAs will now use default filename template, and default to a uniquified safe filename.
[Improvement] Added option to enable/disable the retrieval of URLs from browsers, and a note about possible slowdowns when doing so; disabled Firefox URL retrieval option by default since it can cause serious capture slowdowns.
[Improvement] The Moveto/Goto folder list is now kept in canonical state, handles blank lines, and has a new option to automatically add new folders to it, like a Most-recently-used list.
[Improvement] Setup program will now offer to launch Screenshot Captor after installation, even on Windows vista/7/8.
[Improvement] Better thumbnail panel sizing; no more horizontal scrollbar.
[Improvement] Faster saving of partially transparent images with objects.
[Improvement] When switching out of object mode, if an object was selected, it's bounding region becomes selected in normal mode; especially useful for applying effects.
[Improvement] If user tries to select a region in Object selection mode containing no objects, SC automatically switches to region selection mode and selects region.
[Improvement] Double-clicking an object in region-select mode will now switch to object mode and select the object under cursor; double-clicking in object mode toggles you back to normal region-select mode.
[Improvement] The Watermarking submenu of the SpecialFx menu now shows all files in the clipart directory with watermark in their path or name, plus all files in user watermark directory; this makes it easier for addon clipart to include watermarks; see also feature for quickly applying any clipart object as watermark.
[Improvement] Improved external tool configuration dialog.
[Improvement] Removed old clipart directory; packaged now with DC member App103's nice clipart; moved old clipart into a separate addon download; removed separted Masks directory and rearranged Frames directory.
[Improvement] Clicking on a clipart item shows it's full path in statubar.
[Improvement] SC now creates a MyClipart and MyFrames directories in the user-writable SC folder where configuration settings are stored, and adds this to the clipart (and watermark) and frame folder list.
[Improvement] SC no longer switches out of object mode when saving.
[Improvement] Ctrl+A in thumbnail file panel now only selects files (not folders).
[Improvement] SaveAs dialogs now have more advanced options that can be chosen for some image file formats.
[Improvement] Better tracking of object manipulation for undo actions; better reporting of undo actions and indications of where in undo stack you are (shown on statusbar); larger undo buffer (from 10 to 100).
[Improvement] Ctrl+A in object mode now selects all objects.
[Improvement] Grab Workspace item is now not shown in tray or quickcap bar if running on single monitor system.
[Improvement] Added color-modification options for clipart (see button at bottom of clipart object panel).
[Change] Improved menu item names.
[Change] Confirmation request when flattening objects to background.
[Change] SaveAs dialog now tries to do a faster preview in images with many objects.
[Change] Changed ordering of top toolbar buttons.
[Change] SC no longer tries to delete objects that are cropped out.
[Change] When you change screenshot directories, the "Autocreate JUNK folder" option is disabled, as is the "Auto move old files" option.
[Change] Options dialog now has an "Apply" button to test apply any pending options changes.
[Change] The internal file comment that specifies last active window region is now written at END of file comment meta data, and is only written if its non-empty.
[BugFix] Updated ScDx ScreenshotCaptor DirectX capture addon (separate download).
[BugFix] Last non-public beta release was not using unique %num% counters.
[BugFix] Capturing windows file explorer was not seeing window title (path).
[BugFix] Captions were not sometimes leaving a pixel wide gap at bottom and right of image.
[BugFix] Improved flattening of objects and saving of standard file formats with objects+paint.
[BugFix] Nudging objects was not marking image as changed; nudging objects is now much faster.
[BugFix] Object arrows could reverse direction when image was resized or cropped or objects nudged; changing canvas size could sometimes lose arrow objects.
[BugFix] Save selected region as new file was not working right.
[BugFix] Functions to select region around objects and expand canvas around objects were not working right.
[BugFix] Copy image to clipboard was not properly handling object layering.
[BugFix] Fixing bug where application would forget it's non-maximized size+position on screen between runs.
[BugFix] When antialiasing enabled, highlight boxes and text memos had a thin colored border even if border option for the object was disabled.
[BugFix] Sometimes when changing zoom it would not reapply antialias settings.
[BugFix] Sometimes font setting was being reset to default.
[BugFix] Finally found and fixed bug that was occasionally causing some preferences (like object defaults) to be reset to defaults between runs.
[BugFix] Improved border width around memos; effect of changing memo properties is now immediately visible.
[BugFix] MoveTo folder list was corrupting long file paths.
[BugFix] Hitting 'c' in region capture mode to set cursor position was sometimes leaving corruption overlayed on capture.
[BugFix] When loading low-depth PNG files (or perhaps other non-png files), any alpha transparency added to background would not be saved.
[BugFix] Some operations involving selection of files behaved erratically if thumbnail panel was configured to be hidden.
[BugFix] Rotating bitmaps now respects aspect ratios.
[BugFix] Top labels for zoom percentages were overlapping on large-text setups.
[BugFix] Program was never saving changes on exit, regardless of the option to do so.
[BugFix] Arrow objects could sometimes be created where the lines would be invisible.
[BugFix] Fixed floating point exception that could occur if bitmap object was resized to 0 height or width.
[BugFix] SC was not releasing hotkeys when you are on hotkeys configuration page, making it hard to reassign hotkeys; they are now disabled when on this tab.
[BugFix] When scanning, scan DPI information was not always being saved in the resulting PNG file, which could cause printable page size to be wrong if image files were manipulated or combined at a later time.
[BugFix] Some of the MoveALL and DeleteALL menu items were not always affecting all files if some were selected and some were not.
[BugFix] Print margins, alignment, gamma, were not being saved between runs.
[BugFix] When moving/copying/renaming files between folders entirely within the thumbnail browser panel (not using SC menus), the .object files associated with images were not accompanying image files.
[BugFix] SaveAs dialog was not displaying the "remove metadata?" checkbox on all Save As invocations.
[BugFix] Redo was not working on object manipulations.
[BugFix] Fixed bug where post-capture form could leave a remnant taskbar entry on closing [thanks app!]
[BugFix] Fixed some cases where main SC window was either hiding or grabbing focus after a capture when it shouldn't.
[BugFix] Fixed problems with shutting down on windows 7 and higher during reboots or upgrades.
[BugFix] The current URL was not being picked up from Chrome browser.


v3.13.01 - Nov 28, 2012

[MajorFeature] Preliminary support for playing video files and extracting frames from them; and integration with Easy Screencast Recorder.
[MajorFeature] First draft of new (optional) onscreen quick capture bar.  The look+feel of this will change dramatically in future versions.
[MinorFeature] Will now autodetect and work with SharexMod in addition to ShareX (they are based on same codebase and the differences are not super clear).
[InterfaceChange] New hierarchical organization of options dialog.
[BugFix] When capturing the active window and main form was visible, SC sometimes failed to properly grab it; SC now does a better job of grabbing last active window, with less delay in reactivating it.
[BugFix] Scrolling capture dialog could hide behind main window.
[MinorImprovement] Scrolling capture dialog now has help button that links to online scrolling capture tutorial video.
[Improvement] Small performance improvement in dragging selection (can still be slow to update tweaking selection size when zoomed out and resize filter is enabled).
[BugFix] Scrolling the clipart (or frame) thumbnail panel very quickly could result in error about "List Index Out of Bounds".
[Feature] Added new %numinc% field with a resetable persistent counter in options (see File Naming Template tab).
[BugFix] Zoom and Navigation panel could be inadvertently scaled by mouse wheel.
[BugFix] Minor spelling errors on tooltip hints corrected.
[MinorChange] Ctrl+A now should work in comment memo to select all text.


v3.09.01 - July 28, 2012

[Change] Full filename (not short version) is now sent to ShareX uploader tool.


v3.08.01 - July 6, 2012

[BugFix] Automatic Print Captioning was not working if triggered from the optional post-capture dialog.
[Change] Improved menu captions for delay and autocapture items; changed autocapture options to allow faster than 1s captures.


v3.07.01 - June 19, 2012

[BugFix] Access Violation Errors could be triggered (especially on selected region capture) after the disconnection of a monitor on a multimon system (perhaps also after monitor resolution changes, hibernation wakeup, remote desktop connection/disconnection).
[BugFix] Scrolling capture option dialog settings were not being saved.
[Documentation] Added documentation on automatic installation of license key, configdir, and settings files.
[BugFix] Fields for memo after a scan would sometimes include filename of last application window captured.
[BugFix] Using timed autocapture tool to do scanner captures did not work.
[Default Change] Set default option to print captions on printouts.
[Options] Added options on "Print Options" tab to use default units/page orientation, which should remember last used values.
[Change] If option is set to stay minimize and hide main widow on capture, main window will stay hidden after capture even if it was showing at time of capture.
[BugFix] Copying and pasting objects using menu could result in new objects pasted out of view.


v3.06.01 - June 6, 2012

[Update] Upload tools now support ShareX (new version of ZUploader)


v3.05.01 - May 24, 2012

[MinorChange] Changed default single tray click action to do nothing (change from shortcuts options tab).
[MinorChange] The delay set in WindowCapture1 is now used after moving a window that is partially offscreen when performing a transparent window capture.
[MinorFix] On minimized startup, SC will avoid checking for existing of screenshot and MoveTo directories -- useful for network share screenshot directories.
[MinorFeature] System tray icon menu items to open last image in viewer or editor.
[MinorFeature] Added pop-up context menu to file info/comments panel.
[Feature] Added option to automatically watermark and/or zupload new screenshots.
[Feature] When applying bluring/interlacing/hiding effects, the transparency of the image is now flattened, to avoid leakage of information that could occur with transparency interactions.
[Feature] New option (checked by default) to get actual scan DPI after scanning.
[Feature] Image captions now support multiline captions (use \n).
[Feature] Image captions now support %filememo% for contents of the file memo box.
[Feature] Image captions now include left and center align options.
[Feature] You can now have captions auto-applied to new screenshots.
[Feature] You can now have captions automatically added to printouts (can be used to print date, application name, contents of below-image file memo, etc.)


v3.04.01 - Apr 12, 2012

[BugFix] Panel height for resizable bottom info panel was not being saved/restored between runs.
[Feature] Selection (marching ants) is now shown live in the bottom left zoom panel (cursor location is now shown more clearly too).
[BugFix] Dirty files are saved prior to executing a zupload action (ensures you dont upload a file that has changed but not been saved yet).
[Feature] Added cancel button in options to abandon any changes made in options dialog.
[Feature] Installer now has checkbox to start-with-windows (unchecked by default); you can use /MERGETASKS="startforall" if you want to enable this by default during install.
[Feature] You can now use alt+arrows to nudge upper left corner of selection (use shift+arrows to nudge bottom right corner, plain arrows to move selection box, and ctrl+arrows to adjust both corners).
[Feature] Color of pixel under cursor is now shown on statusbar menu toolbar; hit Ctrl+Alt+B in main window to copy it to cursor (or use alt+E to choose copy color from Edit menu).
[MajorFeature] When performing a selected-region capture you can now see a zoomed inset window showing magnified pixel details and precise selection crosshairs; see options for control over the zoom magnification and panel size, and to disable.
[Feature] You can now move the cursor icon to be captured when performing a selected-region capture; just hit the C key to move it under the mouse.  You can even use this to ADD the cursor if you do not have "capture cursor" mode enabled by default.
[Feature] In selected-region capture you can hit the spacebar to reset the starting selection box position (escape cancels).
[MinorFeature] Option added to revert to old small crosshairs in selection-region capture mode.
[BugFix] Using the MoveTo.. menu item to browse to a folder already on the MoveTo list would result in duplicate directories being added.



v3.03.01 - Mar 20, 2012

[BugFix] Moving of screenshots into OLD folder based on dates was not using local time zone, so folder date labels could be off by a few hours.
[MinorFeature] New option to clear arrow endpoint text when new arrows are created.
[Feature] From File menu you can now save selected screenshots into one PDF; improve page sizing for PDF files.
[Feature] New function in File menu to delete all selected files.
[Feature] Added some system SendTo items to the SendTo folder.
[Feature] When sending email via MAPI you can now leave TO field blank (to be filled out in your email program).
[MinorChange] Added longer delay after capturing selected region image with cursor, in order to give time to move cursor to desired position.
[Feature] After you initiate an object capture, you can now hit the hotkey to trigger it again in order to indicate that the current region should be captured and saved, but object mode left open to capture another; useful for performing several repeat captures.
[Feature] New option to not show email info dialog when using MAPI.


v3.00.00 - Feb 5, 2012

[MajorFeature] New splice effects (ragged edge, etc.); also available in cropping and in border menu.
[MajorFeature] Super deluxe scrolling capture system.
[MajorFeature] Easy watermarking menu and options.
[MinorFeature] Options to preserve dates when saving modifying screenshot files.
[MinorFeature] Options to rename when changing content and filename field of files.
[[MinorFeature] Loading an image now shows its creation/modification date in statusbar.
[BugFix] Fixed rare problem with settings file not saving on networked pcs; added option to not save settings during logoff of user.
[BugFix] Fixed minor issues when initiating a capture and SC needed to show save-confirmation dialog for previous image.
[BugFix] You can now capture cursor even in region select capture mode (just move cursor to position quickly after initiating capture); configured delay no longer happens BEFORE start of capture.
[BugFix] Fixed an access error that could occur if you deleted the first screenshot you take after starting program.
[BugFix] Arrow text (and text box?) text editing could be really slow sometimes.
[BugFix] Recent version was failing to edit previous text of arrow labels.
[BugFix] Email SendTo would add new items even if toemail field was blank.
[MinorFeature] MoveTo directories can now support things like %APPDIR% etc for more portable configuration.
[BugFix] Fixed fault that could occur when performing a Delete all screenshots item.
[BugFix] Miscelaneous small bug fixes.


v2.103.01 - Nov 13, 2011

[BugFix] Fixed bug where thumbnail panel would not always update after new screenshot.


v2.102.01 - Sep 28, 2011

[BugFix] Fixed a rare problem that was causing truncated full screen screenshots (and enlarged region capture previews) on some users with Windows7 and large fonts [thanks steveorg!].
[BugFix] Changing some options in Highlight object (circle vs box) were sometimes not being accepted immediately [thanks xcopy!]
[MinorImprovement]  Better automatic-sized thumbnail panel on Windows Vista/7 themes.
[MinorFeature] Added link in help menu to visit page of screencast videos for the program.
[BugFix] Selected Region grab was sometimes not showing region size hint.
[MinorImprovement] Selected region capture now shows full screen sized crosshairs at cursor.
[MinorImprovement] Selected region capture was capturing one pixel margin too much on left and top.
[MinorImprovement] You can now press spacebar and let go of left mouse during region grab to free the cursor to change grab start location.
[MinorImprovement] After a Selected region capture, SC forces previously active window to be foreground before copying any image to clipboard -- improves identification of source of image in clipboard tools (see Clipboard Help+Spell).


v2.101.01 - Sep 20, 2011

[BugFix] Better grabbing of active window executable filename (especially with 64bit processed)
[MinorFeature] Post capture pop-up dialog now has an easy way to configure whether it is shown after captures.
[MinorFeature] You can now specify a custom path to ZUploader (or event use a different tool in its place)
[MinorImprovement] Improved size of ellipse border around line arrow text.
[Feature] Line arrow text can now be multi-line (separate with \n)


v2.99.02 - Sep 7, 2011

[Minor Feature] New checkbox in SaveAs dialog to strip all metadata on save (remembers last setting)
[Feature] You can now set blend mode for highlight boxes and text boxes -- lets you keep the text underneath clearly visible.
[BugFix] Increased speed of object editing.
[BugFix] SaveAs would lock the destination folder from deletion; fixed.
[Minor Feature] You can now set the background color for text labels on arrows.
[BugFix] Spliceout was not preserving alpha transparency.
[Minor Feature] Splice out operation now asks about vertical or horizontal if its not clear from selection.
[Minor Feature] You can now set a custom capture sound.
[Minor Feature] You can now set origin point styles for arrow line label text.
[BugFix] Increased height margin for line arrow text label borders.
[Feature] Added support and help for the excellent free open source 3rd party uploader tool ZUploader (from the makers of the screenshot tool ZScreen); supports auto or tool-based upload to various image hosting sites like imageshack, and many more.


v2.97.03 - Aug 28, 2011

[BugFix] Fixed bug where typing text on arrow labels could become very slow; fix should speed up text editing in all cases, and improve anti-alias look of memo and line text; try 2.
[Minor Feature] Transparency of memo boxes and labels now excludes text, which is always opaque.
[Minor Feature] Early first attempt at improved arrow connection points on labeled lines.


v2.96.01 - Aug 2, 2011

[MinorFeature] You can now reselect the last selection region location (see Edit menu); useful for selecting same area in multiple files, or reselection region after an undo.
[MinorFeature] Added new option to help aero transparency capture of child windows; note that you now have to make sure the child window is off of the parent background form to get a good aero capture.
[Feature] Added GoTo menu for quick jumping between favorite folders; moved some File menu items into it.  Startup screenshot folder auto-added to list.
[MinorFeature] Added option to hide tray icon completely; not recommended.
[BugFix] Captures from Opera did not get url;
[BugFix] Captures from chrome on https pages had incorrect urls in notes.
[Feature] Added commandline screenshot emailing option, and includes the sendmail.exe commandline tool; useful for people who need to be able to send secure smtp emails or who want to use a custom batch file for sending emails. (If you plan to use this feature you need to download the sendEmail executable from
[MinorFeature] Built with lastest shell browser library for thumbnail panel.
[BugFix] Update check dialog could be missing Close button.
[BugFix] Last build may not have been configured to use the new CommonControls from windows, which fix a few bugs mentioned in past updates).


v2.95.01 - June 6, 2011

[BugFix] When capturing scans, the previous screencapture active window info could be kept in image comments.
[MinorFeature] Added Pixelate *outside* region special effect.
[Feature] Fixed bug in sorting by date and added new options to sort by either creation date or lastmodification date.


v2.94.01 - April 8, 2011

[BugFix] Windows 7 (vista?) could give error on startup about inability to create a .redirect file for update checker.


v2.93.01 - Mar 23rd, 2011

[Feature] Added new Pixelate filter (see options on SpecialEffects tab).
[MinorFeature] Added options for setting default print units and orientation (landscape, etc.)
[BugFix] When pasting bitmaps from clipboard, a border was put around them.
[MinorFeature] Additional attempt to speed up object editing mode when lots of objects on screen.
[BugFix] Custom border color was being ignored on some border options.
[MinorFeature] New option (set by default) to not attempt aero transparent capture on full-screen windows, since this can bump them out of full screen status.
[Feature] Improved built-in update checker.


v2.92.01 - Mar 5th, 2011

[MinorFeature] Url from Chrome browser now captured as image comment (also supports IE, FF, Opera).


v2.91.01 - Feb 24th, 2011

[MajorFeature] New options (interface and objects tabs) that let disable anti-aliasing and smoothing when editing objects, which can dramatically speed up the speed at which multiple objects can be manipulated.
[BugFix] SC was overly conservative about allowed filename characters.
[Changes] Changed some shortcuts to be more standardized (Ctrl+P for print, Ctrl+D for deselect); added hotkey shortcut for splicing (ctrl+alt+P)
[BugFix/Change] Ctrl+C and Edit->Copy was no longer copying individual selected objects in object mode.


v2.90.01 - Feb 15, 2011

[BugFix] Attempt to fix bug where thumbnail panel was sometimes not updating on new images.
[BugFix] Manifest was not being embedded leading to beep sound when selecting items in thumbnail or capturing screenshots (mostly under Windows Vista).


v2.89.01 - November 21, 2010

[MinorFeature] Mini-update checking now included even without use of DcUpdater tool.
[MinorFeature] Move-to folders are not checked for existence if they are UNC network paths.
[BugFix] Attempt to fix bug where deleting multiple images could result in error reloading refreshing thumbnails.
[BugFix] Attempt to fix bug where post capture popup form was shown in front of options and sendto form.


v2.88.01 - October 8, 2010

[MinorFeature] Exe version info will now be synchronized with official program version info; should make it easier to use 3rd party update checkers.


v2.87.01 - September 29th, 2010

[MinorFeature] The active window filename fields that can be used in file naming or info templates now do not include the file extension (.exe)
[BugFix] Adding an image caption was not setting file dirty, and so not prompting you to save changes if you select a new image.
[MinorFeature] Trying to get SC to handle network paths (start with \\) better for screenshot and moveto directories.
[BugFix] Copying image with transparency to clipboard left big black areas where semi-transparency should be.


v2.85.01 - August 29th, 2010

[MinorFeature] Tools directory is rescanned and tools refreshed after closing the Edit Tools dialog (saves you from having to exit program and restart).


v2.84.01 - August 18th, 2010

[HelpFile] Updated the information on using Ctrl+Shift trick with the MoveTo menu, and changed behavior slightly -- thanks lanux!
[MinorFeature] Browse for new screenshot folder now lets you put in path manually if you want.
[BugFix] If you switch or rename image files while editing a text box object on a newly created text box, you lose the text.
[MinorFeature} You can now hold the Ctrl key while using the "move to.." menu item


v2.83.02 - August 7th, 2010

[BugFix] Fixed exception error that could occur when capturing screens with near-fullscreen active windows (e.g. Windows Media Player), caused by strange active window region coordinates.
[Feature] SC Now warns you the first time it sees you are trying the auto-move-old-screenshots feature and tells you where to find the options for it.
[BugFix] Some of the copy path to clipboard options and actions were occasionally copying the PREVIOUS filename to the clipboard.
[BugFix] Active window capture on Windows 7 could crash occasionally(!)


v2.82.01 - June 1st, 2010

[Feature] New "Splice" commands in SpecialFx menu -- allow you to splice out horizontal or vertical regions, like banners.  Good for removing ad regions in screenshots, etc.


v2.81.01 - May 4th, 2010

[MajorFeature] Completely re-rewritten new method for capturing Aero Glass themed Semi-transparent windows on Vista and Windows 7.  Based on an approach described by Ian Griffiths (, with several tweaks for automatic border detection and improved color handling.  A new options tab ("Windows Capturing") was added to control the various options for it.  Note that by default SC will preserve the entire transparency recovered from the window; this will allow you to composite the screenshot in graphics editing software with it's original semi-transparent regions and effects.  By default SC will attempt to remove the shadow effect imparted by Aero, but you can change this on the Windows Capture option tab.
[MinorChange] Changed default hotkey for capturing active window to Ctrl+PrtScr (the previous default of Alt+PrtScr was very stupid decision since the Alt key can activate menus)
[BugFix] SC was refusing to capture certain windows like Google Chrome; errors in capturing are now reported better.
[BugFix] With the option to remove border shadow, full screen active window captures were being eaten into; SC now ignores this option on maximized apps.
[MinorFeature] Removed aero capture delay setting - SC should now capture as fast as it can and lengthen delay when needed.
[BugFix] Hopefully eliminated bug where aero capture could be blank if screen refresh did not happen fast enough.


v2.79.01 - Apr 24th, 2010

[MinorFeature] SaveAs now does higher quality (less compression) saves; useful for occasional jpg saving.
[MinorFeature] SaveAs now remembers your last default file extension used.
[BugFix] When creating thumbnails, or using saveas or save+ , sometimes pushing the copy filename to clipboard button would copy the PREVIOUS filename to clipboard; this could result in file path to full image copying to clipboard instead of new cropped thumbnail.
[MinorFeature] Added option to use transparent background when resizing canvas or adding captions.
[MinorFeature] Started showing different icon when in timed capture mode.
[Feature] You can now customize the directory pattern for the auto-moving-old-screenshots archive feature.
[MinorFeature] Added MoveTo menu item to move all screenshots into archives.
[Feature] SC now checks result of PrintWindow() capture attempt on objects and falls back to default BitBlt if the capture fails.
[Feature] Added new options tab with options for controlling how SC tries to handle transparent window captures; Including ability to disable use of the PrintWindow function on vista/win7 which is good for capturing transparent windows and removing background; disabling this may help debug programs capturing specific windows.
[Feature] Added more sophisticated methods for removing background transparency of some windows Aero captures, and options to control these on new Transparent Window Capture tab.


v2.78.01 - Dec 24th, 2009

[Feature] New option to auto-file older screenshots into a subdirectory based on date -- useful in keeping your workspace cleaner.
[Minor Feature] You can now use Ctrl+A in the thumbnail panel to select all files.
[BugFix] Fix for thumbnail creation flickering.
[Minor Feature] When capturing desktop and no active window is selected; instead of the file comments saying "explorer.exe" they say "Desktop"
[Minor Feature] Transparency tool setting was not being saved between runs.
[Minor Feature] Added list of capture types you can trigger from commandline.
[Minor Feature] Fixed the "-printnext" commandline option.


v2.77.01 - Nov 29th, 2009

[MinorFeature] In addition to existing commandline options, you can now just pass filename or directory name on commandline to open that file or directory, which makes SC suitable for using as an "Open With" program (also unminimizes from tray when launched in this way, even if already running).
[MinorFeature] You can pass "-scan" commandline option to initiate a scan -- note that you can do this even if Screenshot Captor is already running -- it will trigger a scan in the existing running instance.
[Feature] When you rename a file using the "Name:" box, SC no longer forces a resave of the file, which could result in image degradation and an updated file date; it now does a pure file rename (object file as well) if nothing but filename has changed (and extension is unchanged of course).  If you change the file extension from the "Name:" box, a new file will be created.
[MinorFeature] Added bottom+right border effect
[Feature] You can now cancel an autoscroll capture by hitting the escape key.


v2.76.01 - Nov 15th, 2009

[BugFix] In latest version a bug was introduced where if you changed screenshot directories you couldnt load images from the new directory (it always reverted to the old directory).


v2.75.01 - Oct 26th, 2009

[MinorFeature] PDF files are now saved with better compression.
[Feature] You can now ask SC to autosave scans as PDF files in a specific directory, and to auto-open if desired.
[Feature] New PDF save button on scanner toolbar saved current image to specific directory; can be used to save multiple images to one multi-page pdf.


v2.73.01 - Sep 20th, 2009

[BugFix] Toolbar positions were sometimes not being remembered.


v2.72.01 - August 27th, 2009

[MinorFeature] You can now set the color of the thumbnail panel.
[MinorFeature] Interface Options now split into two tabs.
[BugFix] Triggering zoom-to-selection was reducing the selection size by one pixel on right and bottom edge.
[BugFix] Option to grab scanner background was not happening early enough so sometimes autoselection of foreground was not working in scanner captures.
[MinorFeature] SC now asks for confirmation when using the Delete All action.
[BugFix] When thumbnail panel was disabled completely, changes to the current file by an external tool were not detected.
[BugFix] Thumbnail/file panel was not being updated after unhiding it.
[BugFix] SC was not remembering what monitor it was last on in multi-monitor configurations.  sorry!
[BugFix] SC was moving to primary monitor after a region capture.
[BugFix] Post-capture dialog was showing on primary monitor regardless of main form position.


v2.70.01 - July 26th, 2009

[MajorFeature] Full support of scanning functionality -- you can now use SC as your scanning tool of choice.
[MinorFeature] Discarding an image from quick popup now clears the image display, and doesn't perform any postcapture stuff.
[MinorFeature] Image Effects/Color Dialog is now forced to a large size over the original image.
[Feature] New second-instance commandline option passing; you can now pass commandline arguments when you call Screenshot Captor, and if an instance is already running -- these arguments will be passed to the FIRST instance while the second silently exits.
[Feature] New commandline arguments to begin a scan or initiate a capture.
[Feature] Screenshot Captor now registers itself as a potential target of Windows WIA/ImageCapture services -- so scanner buttons can be programmed to launch it and initiate a capture (or call with -scan on commandline manually).


v2.58.01 - July 20th, 2009

[BugFix] The %file% parameter in external commandline tools was being cleared on startup.
[BugFix] Print configurations (margins, stretch) were not being properly saved and restored.
[BugFix] The post-capture popup dialog was sometimes not selectable without using alt-tab or keyboard to bring it to focus.
[BugFix] The post-capture popup dialog was hiding the save as and print dialogs.
[MinorFeature] Added support for custom commandline args in external file explorer/image editor, by using $$1 where file/folder should be specified.


v2.57.01 - June 27th, 2009

Carriage return characters in filename (from variable field replacements) were causing file save errors; now converted to underscores.
Used HamRadio's new icons for system tray.
You can now specify separators in your custom tool configuration by using - as the title.
You can now create external .sctool tool configuration files.
Added new filename actions for external tool launching that forces files saved with no objects (and re-adds object after).
If you use the %fileplain% field when launching tools now, it will pass the image file without objects, and continually reload it and add back objects when it changes.


v2.56.01 - May 21st, 2009

Cursor was not being captured in object/region modes
New program icon (thanks Hamradio!)
Adding hotkey shortcuts to mouseover hints on SC toolbar buttons.
Redbox object capture could sometimes capture the red borders.
Sort by date of thumbnail panel was failing on users who have file extensions hidden.
Sorting in details mode now works and user can sort on any column.
Maybe fixed a problem with SC hanging after capture on rare occasions.


v2.55.02 - May 17th, 2009

Fixed annoying beep on restoring window from minimization.
Fixed bug where SC could crash when capturing windows who have client maximized outside normal window area (Photoshop full screen mode).
Tried to fix errors when SC is trying to save a blank filename or an illegal filename; now SC will try to shorten a filename which is too long, or add a default filename if the constructed one is blank.
Improved error and instructions if file failed to save.
Starting adding icons in program menus.
Fixed bug in the "Explore at Screenshot Directory" if launched before showing main form.


v2.54.01 - April 17th, 2009

Option to open SaveAs folder after doing a save as.


v2.53.01 - March 17th, 2009

Fixed rare bug that could cause an exception when waking from hibernation (especially on multimonitor systems); or when turning off secondary monitors [Thanks Roman!]


v2.52.01 - March 12th, 2009

Added some new variable/macros based on image filename that can be used when calling commandline tools.


v2.51.01 - March 10th, 2009

Added new advanced post-capture commandline tool box where you can configure multiple commandline applications to run after a screenshot is taken.  See here for more options you can pass to the post-capture commandline tools.


v2.50.01 - March 8th, 2009

Added new "Move To" menu item which will create a folder based on current date and move all screenshots into it; useful for quick organizing of screenshot folder.
Added new "Move To" menu for moving only old files and sorting into subfolders based on date of screenshot; userful for cleaning up a big directory of screenshots.
Added sort by -> name option in View menu.
Post-capture popup dialog SaveAs now defaults to template filename and configured file type/extension.
Added new interlace special effects, including one meant for security purposes that will blur and then interlace.
[BugFix] Discard changes wasn't reloading the original file.
[BugFix] Thumbnail option to not change to new thumbnail was not being obeyed.
[BugFix] SC would sometimes select the entire screenshot contents when capturing a region inside the active window.
[BugFix] The option chosen on SaveOverwrite popup was not being saved if triggered while exiting.
Added new Region Border Glow effect


v2.47.01 - February 15th, 2009

Attempting to make all region and object capture modes work better on multimonitor setups; no need to activate from desired monitor.
Adding ability to abort region captures with escape key.
Trying to skip the cleared screen message which used to show on saving image.
[Bugfix] Trying to eliminate floating point error some were seeing on region capture.
[Bugfix] Main form could stay hidden even when there was a pending overwrite/cancel/save dialog trying to be shown.


v2.44.01 - November 3rd, 2008

Fixed bug where the copy-to-clipboard button on bottom was being hidden.


v2.43.01 - October 5th, 2008

Improved detection of non-traditional window skins, and better edge detection for skinned windows (for example capturing bblean-skinned windows).
On launch of a second instance the user is now shown an explanation of how to activate the already running instance from the system tray.
Clicking the save+ button now increments the _ver00# suffix instead of resulting in _ver001_ver001 type chains.
Added a few commandline options to control how SC is started (-maximize, - minimize, -show)'
Print options are now saved between runs.
Added bmp file format to default file format list.
Added Portable mode support (edit the configdir.ini file and add line PORTABLE=TRUE); when enabled no system files or any files outside of the program directory will be written


v2.42.01 - August 3rd, 2008

Statusbar file size updated on save.


v2.41.01 - August 1st, 2008

Rebuilt with latest version of ImageEn library -- graphics operations run faster (especially shadowing operations -- yay!)
Working with UnicodeImageMaker was broken again -- fixed now: text is remembered within bitmap objects.
Support for WindowsX64 bit.
Modified parsing of configdir.ini for better use of ScreenshotCaptor on portable drives.
Hopefully improved auto sorting with latest images at bottom of thumbnail list (this seemed to break in earlier version).
Bottom panel can now be hidden completely by resizing it to 0 height.
Added new date formatting options using the $dt:%DATEFORMATSTRING% format.
Added current browser url to info that gets captured and can be added to image comments.
You can now use %comments% in an email template to include screenshot comments.
Delete button now triggers a disableable confirmation dialog.
Completely revamped the options dialog.


v2.37.01 - 10/5/07

Setting the option to auto print on capture no longer displays print preview dialog.
Print option settings are now preserved between runs.
Select-All wasn't working properly on big images.


v2.36.03 - 9/28/07

VistaFix: Another bugfix to prevent the license key from being lost after exit. sigh.


v2.36.01 - 9/22/07

Fixed broken select of active window -- it wasn't saving and loading properly from saved files.
VistaFix: Updated license key system to save license keys in subdirectory of User Documents directory.
Added a small delay to try to fix problem where menu-triggered captures were leaving display artifacts of menu on screen (please report if not fixed).


v2.35.01 - 9/04/07

Changed default DPI to 96 (bigger images when pasted into MS WORD, see here and here).
BugFix: Text Memo's were having a weird text background color effect.
VistaFix: The default configuration and screenshot directory is now in User Documents directory.
BugFix: Fixed minor bug in post-capture processing could cause problems with portrait size monitors.


v2.34.01 - 9/01/07

VistaFix: Better capture of vista aero glass rounded windows
VistaFix: Better checking for if screenshot directory is writable (and figures out an alternative if not); good for dealing with vista evilness.
VistaFix: ScreenshotCaptor now explicitly avoids all evil Vista virtualization (see my post here).
VistaFix: Default screenshot folder on vista is now in user profile.
VistaFix: Installer no longer offers to run program after installation due to more vista uglyness.
BugFix: Sometimes the entire screen was being pre-selected after a capture.
MinorFeature: Added more magic wand selection modes (See Edit->Selection Mode menu)


v2.33.01 - 8/13/07

Added support for Update Checking
Saves file before sending via email
SMTP password for sending email screenshots is now hidden under * in options.
Updating the image component for lots of minor efficiency and appearance tweaks (thanks to
Fixing nudge/modify selection hotkeys (arrow keys with ctrl, shift)
Fixed Unicode Image Maker support, which seems to have been broken recently.


v2.32.02 - 4/13/07

Added main screen checkbox to hide screenshot panel entirely (use Ctrl+H shortcut to toggle also).
Trying to improve screenshot thumbnail refreshing.
Selects last screenshot when you delete current screenshot.
Fixed rare RichEdit error message.
Save+ version save now reports saved file name in statusbar.
Attempt to fix weird taskbar initial display on startup.
Added quickie email dropdown in post-cap popup dialog.
Added subject to email sendto menu.
Fixed bug where tiny window was displayed on first capture if you have pop-up capture form enabled.


v2.31.01 - 4/02/07

Default DPI setting is now honored even from SaveAs in popup form.
Escape no longer minimizes Screenshot Captor.
Added hotkey for deleting all screenshots (Ctrl+Alt+D).
Attempting to improve thumbnail refreshing errors.


v2.30.04 - 2/09/07

When copying and pasting to programs that support DPI information, Screenshot Captor now honors the DPI settings in options (solves bug where images were small when being copied and pasted into outlook, etc).


v2.30.02 - 2/07/07

VISTA compatible
Current image/screenshotdirectory now shown on titlebar
Autoselection of active window fixed.
The border type combobox inpreferences was swapping inside border with outside border.


v2.29.02 - 1/30/07

ScreenshotCaptor will now properly crop non-rectangular windows automatically (and also properly select non-rectangular active windows in full screen captures for dimming effects, etc.)
Speeded up new capture displays by avoiding a redundant image file re-load.
Should display much better on screens with large fonts.
Escape no longer minimizes the window.
Selection size in statusbar was off by one, file sizes were slightly off.


v2.28.06 - 12/13/06

Added option to disable auto creation of the MyJunk folder.
MyJunk folder now ONLY gets autocreated on startup, not every time you switch to MyJunk folder, and on demand if user tries to move files into it.
Switches back to normal rectangular selection mode after new capture.
Added optional toggle visibility hotkey.
If moveto folder doesnt exist, moveto operation is ignored.
Hold Shift in MoveTo menu to switch to the target dir instead of moving; Hold Ctrl to switch after moving.


v2.28.05 - 11/28/06

Selection is cleared after cropping.
Minor updates to help file.
Status bar size display updated after resize.
Copy image to clipboard on capture now works even if "don't autosave" is checked.
When you change to "preserve ratio" in resize box, the ratio is instantly fixed.
Including XP Manifest from Greg at
Added non-rectangular selection modes (good for cropping/blurring/shadows).
Added SendTo menu for easily sending screenshots via email.
Hopefully fixed bug where MS Multimedia keyboard special keys were triggering screenshots.
Changed resize tool button to a drop-down list with common preset sizes.
Fixed occasional error on manually setting font sizes of text memos.
Added small margin to text memo boxes.
Fixed bug where black text memo borders were not showing.
Fixed bug where overwrite confirmation form previous setting was not being remembered.
Fixed a few cases where changes to file weren't marking the file as dirty.
New option to control how much working memory is used when program is minimized; can be useful in tradeing off fast wake-up vs. minimal memory use when minimized.


v2.27.01 - 11/23/06

Screenshot directory will be recreated if possible if it is missing on startup, before switching to default directories.


v2.26.04 - 11/08/06

Major update of Graphics Component (ImageEn) should result in faster image file loading.
Fixed issue of expanding config directory directives (%MyDocuments% etc.)


v2.25.04 - 10/11/06

Post-capture Popup uses filter configured in main options.
Auto-created MyJunk folder in Screenshots directory.
Fixed bug which could cause crash if you tried to do repeated captures while the postcapture form was still visible.


v2.24.02 - 10/02/06

Help item added to tray menu
In post capture popup, if you select "keep image and show", it will skip autosaving if you have autosaving disabled in options.
Fixed bug where discarding image would still copy path to clipboard (and end up saving image) if copy to path on capture is checked.
Escape now cancels popup capture form and discards image.


v2.23.02 - 9/28/06

Added ConfigDir.ini file for customizing the location of your settings/config files


v2.21.03 - 9/20/06

Fixed bug with ini file saving floats in locale specific incompatible formats


v2.21.02 - 9/18/06

Major addition: New non-automatic save option for new captures (new captures overwrite old until you save).
Added icons to popup dialog.
Added thumbnail option to popup dialog.
Added some popup options to main options dialog.
Fixed bug where minimal png compression yielded giant files.
Added thumbnailer options button to main options dialog.
Added thumbnailer option to copy image to clipboard.
Escape now minimizes window.



v2.20.02 - 9/11/06

Added custom border type for autoborder on capture (see Effects Tab)


v2.20.00 - 9/10/06

Big Addition - New Option to use a Post-Capture Popup dialog with commands for print, saveas, DISCARD, copy-to-clipboard [thx mtemp].
Now remembers if last visible condition was maximized [thx xcopy].
Added right-click menu item to change post capture mode.


v2.18.04 - 7/21/06

Minor fixes to help file
Fixed bug where some settings (thumbnail options) were not being saved on exit.


v2.18.03 - 7/05/06

Added option to not auto-rename on new capture
Added delete file item to File menu and hotkey (NOW Ctrl+Q)
Added help entry about deleting images you dont want (What if I don't want to keep the capture?).
Updated scrolling capture - much improved (but still not perfect)
Added relative file path support in MoveTo menu
Added MyJunk default folder in MoveTo menu on first install
Testing code to properly handle dif scrollbar sizes on different machines during scrolling capture.
Removed ghosting grid borderlines when scrolling capture in Internet Explorer [THX JOTO]


v2.15.01 - 5/14/06

Full help file now available and up-to-date (woot!).


v2.14.02 - 5/12/06

Started filling in the new help file outline
Added "discard changed to file" menu item.
Fixed typo in edit menu.
Added function to ceate new blank image file
Added function to create new image file from clipboard
Copy path to clipboard now forces save of dirty file first
Added right+ctrl hint to windows object capture menu
Trying to fix a bug where Toolbar2k menus cant be windows-object-captured


v2.13.02 - 5/10/06

Fixed bug causing error message (sometimes below window and thus invisible) if you have no active window and have an option to autoblur on capture.


v2.13.01 - 5/09/06

Option to copy file path to clipboard on capture
Tray menu added to copy file path to clipboard on capture


v2.12.02 - 5/05/06

Scrolling window capture in internet explorer was showing gaps in stitching.


v2.12.01 - 5/04/06

Added copy path to clipboard option in thumbnail form.
Added fast thumbnail maker button on toolbar.
Added copy path to clipboard button near filename on bottom panel and in edit menu.
Upgraded key+mouse capture dlls to avoid false virus alarms.
Adjust image to what I see Edit menu option
Added scrolling window capture text to menus
Fixed internet explorer scrolling window capture losing bottom pixels when no horizontal scrollbar was visible.
Attempt to fix screenshot directory reverting to / after long delays.
Added help page on capture modes thanks to HamRadio.


v2.11.04 - 2/28/06

It seems that some antivirus programs are giving false alerts on the dll used in Screenshot Captor to monitor the keyboard in the new Red Box Object Capture Mode.  The keyhook.dll file is now compressed to try to avoid these annoying false alarms.  We will recompile the dlls and try to avoid the alert if it persists.  If you get such a warning it is safe to ignore it.


v2.11.01 - 1/25/06

[new feature] added options in preferences, resizedialog, and thumbnail dialog for customizing the resizing filters used, which can be useful to control smoothing during resizing.


v2.10.01 - 1/25/06

[bugfix] vertical lines corruption on new captures was occuring after applying simple border (strange bug, thanks to db at bitsum technologies for helping to locate this).
[bugfix] trying to fix problem where redbox capture seems to not show properly on secondary multimonitor monitors.
[new feature] companion commandline capture program MiniCap released on website.


v2.09.08 - 1/12/06 - Major release

New Red Box Capture mode supports scrolling window capture, new region capture, etc.
Delete this image item (Move menu).
New thumbnail maker (File menu).
Copy text from standard textbased windows (dialog box, etc.) to clipboard from redbox object mode.
Text from captured objects now available for image comments (%scrapetext%).


v2.07.01 - 12/22/05

[new feature] quick adjust clipart image size percentage
[new feature] menu option in main menu to capture screenshot captor window itself.
[new feature] cancel button on options dialog.
[new feature] you can set default DPI for screen captures.
[bugfix] wasn't saving options on system reboot.


v2.06.03 - 12/7/05

[bug fix] Hopefully fixed error message shown when shuttingdown/restarting computer.


v2.06.01 - 12/6/05

[improvement] You can now use '.' in filenames.
[improvement] License key dialog improved.
[improvement] Changed default hotkey for capture windows object.
[improvement] Better crop button icon from Stefan (thx!).
[new feature] Last windows state (max,min) is now restored.
[new feature] You can change bit depth (truecolor, 8bit) of images.
[new feature] You can change default bit depth (truecolor,8bit) of new captures.
[new feature] Double clicking in image when there are objects switched to object mode.
[new feature] New smoothing options.
[bugfix] Settings were not being saved on windows reboot.
[bugfix] Blank directories after changing directories.


v2.05.01 - 11/13/05

Total support for Unicode Image Maker tool (


v2.04.07 - 11/11/05

[improvement] copying image/region to clipboard now copies object graphics too.
[improvement] nice new transparency sliders.
[new feature] select regions around objects command added to Objects menu.
[new feature] added Ctrl+O shortcut to toggle in and out of object mode.
[new feature] hotkeys for gowing+shrinking selection (shift, crtl arrow keys, ctrl +/-)
[new feature] escape key kicks out of object mode.
[new feature] system tray menu item to disable all hotkeys temporarily.
[new feature] option for inverting mouse wheel.
[new feature] option for adjusting mouse wheel zoom speed
[new feature] timed auto capturing!
[change] clipart objects are scaled only if bigger than 95% of image dimensions.



v2.03.10 - 11/09/05

[bugfix] once clipart objects were rotated they couldn't be moved.
[bugfix] filenames with '.' character in them were confusing the program and causing error messages.
[bugfix] tried to fix problems some were having with screenshot path reseting to C:\ - if you still get this please report on forum!!!
[improvement] improved text of template help.
[improvement] hotkeys now disabled when showing options.
[improvement] menus now properly list Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts, and some others.
[improvement] better auto-reselecting of current file after folder operations.
[improvement] save as dialog now synchronizing file type and default extension.
[improvement] clipart object and drag+drop objects are scaled properly to fit image if too big.
[improvement] regions are selected automatically for blurring etc. when an object is selected.
[improvement] fit and stretch now leave some border room.
[new feature] baloon tooltip on capture option.
[new feature] you can specify path or filename on commandline to load that folder/file.
[new feature] flip horiz/vert buttons for clipart objects.
[new feature] repeat capture hotkey/function for same region as last capture
[new feature] + and - keyboard shortcuts for zoom in and out.
[new feature] added "expand canvas to fit objects" menu item (in objects menu).
[new feature] added option to disable antialiasing on save, and disable the lores display used to speedup moving objects.
[new feature] added option to enable antialiasing when editing (looks better but slower).
[new feature] cursor keys can be used to "nudge" selected objects
[new feature] cursor keys can move the current selection mask (hold shift to expand)
[new feature] object selection tool changes picture when there are objects available to manipulate..
[new feature] save current selection to new file (Alt+Shift+S).
[new feature] deletion of screenshot files now sends them to recycle bin.
[new feature] hint on first minimize so people realize it's in tray.
[new feature] image files dropped or Ctrl+c Copied on image now are placed where they were dropped (at cursor loc).
[new feature] you can drag and drop clipart objects to where you want them (or out of program or into thumbnail directory).
[new feature] you can now drag image files into clipart directories.
[new feature] you can now delete files from clipart directories.
[change] if you double click a clipart object while another is selected in the image, you will replace existing with new.
[change] blur outside button now does only blur outside (not blur, grey, dim).
[change] manual save (Ctrl+S) always overwrites without confirmation now.


v2.02.02 - 10/25/05

Great new clipart objects and better organization of clipart [thanks Stefan!]
New save+ toolbar button and file menu command for quick saving of file as a new file with version number added [idea courtesy of brotherS]
[bugfix] Fixed bug in zoom window (not showing bottomright pixels) [thanks brotherS]
[bugfix] Multi-selected regions (selected using shift key) were being lost after "blur outside" functions are used [thanks brotherS]
New option controls whether to save object file when performing a SaveAs outside of screenshot directory.
MouseWheel zoom now zooms with focus at current mouse position
MouseWheel zoom now zooms faster.
MouseWheel zoom will uncheck AutoFit automatically if its on.
[bugfix] AutoFit checkbox setting was not being saved.
Operations requiring bitmap selection (blur, etc) now can be called when in object mode.
Preview is on by default now in color adjust.
Selecting clipart objects now shows relative path in statusbar.
Timer and Capture Cursor options were not being accepted when selected from main menu (as opposed to options dialog)


v2.01.07 - 10/11/05

Simple border was not updating screen immediately after applying border.


v2.01.06 - 10/11/05

Added (optional) cursor zoom panel
Added Stretch button on top row (enlarges images to fit)
Fixed bug where resize dialog when you change Y then X is not updated properly
Fixed loadup efficiency
Improved save confirm dialog text


v2.01.01 - 10/8/05

added "delete all screenshots" to MoveTo menu
fixed bug which sometimes resulted in startup not selecting last image [thx brotherS]
you can now drag and drop images onto the image window to have them added as objects
added file command to add external image file as object
substantial change to the way SaveAs is handled - it now starts with current image/default compression settings but can be overridden


v2.00.16 - 10/07/05

still was lingering bug saving certain masks in jpg format (saved as black and white); fixed.


v2.00.15 - 10/07/05

image comment panel is now fixed size during resizing
fixed bug causing some masks to result in black+white or non-transparent saves
added Delete All Images to File menu.
trying to fix problem introduced with the new tooltip capturing mode, that messed up capturing on win9x machines
clears image if current file is deleted/moved [thanks Carol]


v2.00.14 - 10/07/05

Screenshot Captor now captures tooltips and semi-transparent windows.
Capturing cursor sometimes misplaced cursor - fixed! finally!!
You can now copy and paste sections of screenshots as movable bitmap objects (very useful for picture-in-picture type effects).
Browse for clipart directory button in options, and text on browse for tool dialog fixed [thx stefan].
You can now copy and paste objects.


v2.00.12 - 10/01/05 (brotherS bugfix edition)

Displays warning when trying to perform operations that require selection (e.g. Crop) and no selection has been made.
Addded options for forcing background transparency merging (always or onsave); this lets you decide whether to use the image file format transparency feature (for png and gif images), which can look ugly sometimes, or whether to simulate it in the image using the current background color.
Changed highlighting tool text and icon to make it more clear that it was for drawing highlighting rectangles+circles.
Moved highlight shape button to top of hightlight shape panel.
On minimization the application always asks to save if the file is dirty.
If you do a SaveAs into main Currently viewing directory, the Saved file is loaded as current file.
Start and End arrow checkbox meaning were reversed.
No longer restores from minimization on exit.
After renaming files with F2 in shell window, they are now selected.
No longer grabs PrtScr and other hotkeys if they are set to do nothing in Options dialog [thanks CarolHaynes].
Added color depth change and DPI change dialog.
Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y for undo/redo now works even if you are in shell browser panel.


v2.00.11 - 9/22/05

Added Print button to toolbar
Added deluxe border command
Instead of border inside/outside being in options, its now choice in command menu


v2.00.10 - 9/18/05

Added clipart from Stefan and uploaded extra frames pack from stefan.
Selecting clipart or frames shows filename in statusbar.


v2.00.09 - 9/9/05

Frame applications could cause access faults (hopefully fixes)
Startup was using more memory than nescesary.
Startup was showing item in task bar.
Added a sample of a frame+mask combo (ragged right bottom edge).


v2.00.06 - 9/5/05

Tools can now be invoked on flat (object merged) temporary image files in the format they prefer by specifying parameter %tmpfile%.jpg or .png or whatever.
Some object operations were not marking file as dirty.


v2.00.05 - 9/4/05

Deluxe Resize Dialog (Ctrl+G shortcut) now lets you do preview, specify how to grow each side of image - much much better.  This should make it quite a bit easier to resize images to fit perfectly in picture frames.


v2.00.03 - 9/4/05

default settings for objects tweaked
added prview/cancel to resize dialog
adding new resize method


v2.00.03 - 9/3/05

Clipart directory was not installing properly.
Frame transparency was not adjustable
Added commands to merge objects into background
Print command now prints objects
All text size, linesize object options are now adjustable by convenient quick sliders ( thanks to Brain Mitov's BMSlider component )


v2.00.01 - 9/3/05

Full object editing support (highlight regions, memo boxes, clipart, arrows), and you can edit objects AFTER saving the file.
Implemented Picture frames
Implemented Masks (like edges, picture frames)
Added clipart browser
Active window region saved in metadata of file
Added option for whether to re-select active region on file load
Save Now forces save even if it doesn't think file is dirty
Moving/resizing/editing objects marks file as "dirty"
Added fix for undo/redo object position moving
Implemented .tiff embedded objects
Implemented external .object files
Implemented smart replacement of objects when launching external editors and tools
Added file saving message
Caption add function (+button)
Special thanks to stefan and carolhays for help+suggestions on the forum.


v1.02.07 - 8/27/05

confirm on overwrite was not working with default filename settings because of space added to front of filenames with default template.
default template was causing a space at front of filenames when the quickfield is blank (spaces now trimmed)


v1.02.06 - 8/26/05

bugfix - license dialog sometimes locked up due to another modal form being on top of it (thank you bill gates)
bugfix - advanced options in save dialog were not working.


v1.02.05 - 8/23/05

added support for new license keys
it will show up as being used for first time with this version


v1.02.03 - 8/20/05

hotkey text on menu was reversing alt+shit prtscr hint with ctrl+shift prtscr


v1.02.02 - 8/19/05

added color modification effects dialog to SpecialEffects menu
added redo support
improved resize dialog to make it easier to add even borders
moved options button on toolbar to top
added autoprint option to OnCapture tab
added support for deluxe universal donationcoder license keys
improved about box
hold ctrl key down while selecting item from MoveTo menu to navigate to directory instead of moving to it
special thanks to Stefan on the forum for so many useful suggestions!


v1.01.32 - 8/17/05

added info messages to tell user they need to select a region before some tools
eliminated annoying slowness and flicker when selecting multiple files in file browser
save-all hotkey changed from Ctrl+A to Ctrl+E to avoid browser select-all conflict
removed flicker on file loading
added resize toolbar button
added options to resize, including toggle for expanding canvas


v1.01.31 - 8/17/05

improved border tool (pixel precise lines now, and option to go inside or outside image boundry)
new grid mode when zoom is > 400% plus pixel-precise display at this zoom level.


v1.01.30 - 8/17/05

added blur inside region to toolbar


v1.01.29 - 8/17/05

added image border options and command (like shadow it expands image canvas)
correct image resolution status bar info for cropped images.


v1.01.28 - 8/17/05

added a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts (see menu for shortcut codes)
details mode now shows file list at top of form at full width (rather than on left sidebar)
improved capturing of active window when main form is visible at time of capture
hints on toolbars
MoveTo configuration
Better system tray icon menu
Improved about box text
Current screenshot hotkeys now shown in tray icon
Create New Folder item in menu,


v1.01.27 - 8/17/05

added new toolbar for quick running of common commands
started to add new object drawing controls (they are not active yet)


v1.01.25 - 8/16/05

added lots more template fields
changed from filename prefix to quickfield
help on template fields added to help file


v1.01.23 - 8/5/05

added custom resize dialog.
fixed the bug which could cause heavy cpu usage when marching ants marquee was showing current selection, even if minimized(!).
better memory usage for image capture component.
added ColorCop setup progam to extras folder.
added submitted ftp commandline interface tool to extras folder (thanks chrono).


v1.01.21 - 7/07/05


fixed crash when doing an alt+s selection capture but selecting nothing [thanks J.M.Kyoo]
started adding "Recommended Add-on Tools" section in help file
moved "autofit" checkbox to right alignment
added new template field "%windowtitle% which captures active window title.


v1.01.20 - 7/05/05


only one instance of the program will run at a time (others will automatically close on launch)
no more separate modes for select vs. scroll, you can now right-click to scroll (drag).


v1.01.19 - 7/04/05


hopefully the mystery bug causing starting dir to sometimes default to c:\ is fixed.
splitter positions now saved [thanks Jorge M.]
restarting after exit from tray caused iconization of application bug [thanks Michael].
start in tray now works without an initial "flash"
selection boxes were sometimes getting confused and jumping around [thanks Jorge M.].


v1.01.18 - 7/03/05


fixed bug causing crashes on some machines when taking new screenshot
minimize with close button wasnt freeing all memory [thanks Michael]
fixed bug cutting off zoom % caption
added "Configure external tools" to tools menu


v1.01.17 - 7/01/05


faster screenshot capture, and no longer "flashes" screen during capture (which also kicked fullscreen apps out of focus)
new zoom level trackbar lets you easily zoom to any magnification and see current magnification
quick zoom level buttons for 50%, 100%, 200%


v1.01.16 - 7/01/05


fixed memory leak that was using up more and more memory with each screenshot [thanks to Andreas G. for reporting this bug]


v1.01.15 - 6/19/05


Improved multimon capture functions
Added new capture method - capture specific sized regions
Fixed a bug which was preventing system shutdown when screenshot captor was running in tray.


v1.01.09 - 5/27/05


Removed redundant file loading when clicking on screenshots in browser.


v1.01.08 - 5/27/05


Png saved files can now save comments just like all other file formats.


v1.01.07 - 5/22/05


Fixed bug in handling '.' in international dates, which was causing files to not be saved with correct extension on non-english versions of windows, and in most cases causing no file to be saved at all.


v1.01.06 - 5/19/05

Fixed typos in help file.
Enabled feathering option.


v1.01.05 - 5/19/05

Added custom Tools menu which can be used to add any number of custom 3rd party tools.


v.1.00.02 - 5/14/05

First BETA release


v1.00.00 - 5/11/05

First internal release






Special thanks to everyone on the forum who helped in the initial testing of Screenshot Capture, especially Jibz, Tenseiken, Jeffk, and Nudone.
Thanks to HiComponents for giving me a free license to their awesome ImageEn Components, and Fabrizio for the wonderful support.
Adirondack Software and BIll Miller for the great and free Apprehend screen capture component (and for working steadily to make it even better!).
Thanks also to Murariu Alexandru for his wonderful free "EasyMenus" component which handled the Tools configuration.
Toolbar2k components
Thanks to Brain Mitov's BMSlider component, )