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List bookmarks url's to a txt file

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List bookmarks url's to a txt file

I have seen import/export to html or other format files, but not the simple possibility to export all the bookmarks or groups to a txt file.

Is it possible and how ?

Best Regards

Which browser are you using?


with the script from mouser now chrome, opera, yandex, internet explorer, safari.

But the main is Firefox (Waterfox for 64 bits....)

Now i am browsing in Chrome.

the important point is doing so. Because I can import or export the bookmarks.
so decide by yourself how do you want the things to be done. .....

As far as I can tell the Opera bookmarks file, bookmarks.adr, is ordinary text.  You can import, say Firefox bookmarks, then open bookmarks.adr.  All the Firefox bookmarks will be under a heading Firefox Bookmarks, or something similar.  When opened by Opera all the imported Firefox bookmarks are in a folder of that name.  I have many times, just deleted that header and a couple of lines above it, to make the Firefox bookmarks become all the Opera bookmarks.

But anyway, for now as a stopgap, you can import with Opera then just copy and paste with a text editor to save as a plain text.


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