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Looking for a minimalist Desktop Calendar Application..

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I think the big requirement that's going to kill most of them is the fact of displaying the calendar then allowing you to click in the cell to directly edit the text.  Most don't allow you to do that.
-wraith808 (February 19, 2013, 07:13 AM)
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...which is where Classic Calendar shines... It lacks some of the other features mouser was looking for, but the basics are there. 

Midnight Rambler:
Windates.  Have used this for longer than I care to admit and it's never failed to meet my needs.

Years ago, I signed up for a calendar program called Scrybe, which was one of the easiest-to-use calendars I'd ever found. You can still visit the site at Apparently, it's now in permanent beta, but you can still get an invitation.

At the time, Google Calendar had just come out, and the openness of the calendar data and the ability to access it from different places tipped the scales enough that I adopted it for my personal calendaring, even though Scrybe was far and away the better product.

I'm posting this not to suggest anyone use it (although my account is still active and so I can still theoretically invite new users, if anyone's curious.) The point is, anyone looking to build a lightweight, intuitive, usable calendar app would do well to at least look at the demo video and see how Scrybe handled the UI.

I think if someone re-imagined Scrybe as a pure HTML calendar with hooks to Google Calendar data, I'd just about be in web calendar heaven!  :-* :-* :-*

Hi Mouser,
just checking in to see where things stand re the "minimalist calendar".

It seemed to me, after trying all the ones mentioned here (and a good many others) that ClassicCalendar from Wellcraftedsoftware was really the only one fulfilling the requirements, though not all of them.
I also wanted/needed the option to color-mark days (eg left-click->enter a note, right-click->different colormarks), which this program presently does not offer. I've written to the author. Unfortunately, no reply.
(As a matter of fact, *no* prog I've seen offers this in a simple straightforward manner, it's always, when available, tied to specific task categories)

Maybe one could take the ClassicCalendar framework as a starting point for your project, Mouser?
Thanks for further info and pointers

I tried to contact the developer of Classic Calendar... but no response :(  Without that, you'd have to develop from scratch.


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