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Looking for a minimalist Desktop Calendar Application..

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Ok I need some help looking for an app.. If it doesn't exist maybe we can build it.

What I want is a very simplistic, minimalist Desktop Calendar application, with a very basic feature set -- but I'm quite picky about some of the user interface elements.

I have tried a bunch of Calendar/Scheduling information management applications, and I never stick with any of them..

And I *think* the main reason is that I don't have a lot of scheduling to do, I mainly want to add quick notes to a given day, maybe track a few birthdays and events.

So here's what I need:

* 1. Nice elegant maximized display of the current month, shown just like a wall calendar, with a day for each month.
* 2. Each day box should be a very simple click to edit plain text field so I can just easily write and edit the text notes for a given day.  I don't want to have a form pop up asking me start and stop times, etc.
* 3. Quick toggle to and from tray.
* 4. A yearly view and/or a summary list view, that makes it easy to see at a glance which upcoming days in future months have custom notes on them.  That is, I'd like a year view where i can see the days that have custom notes marked in a different color. And/Or a list view with just a list of days with custom notes.
* 5. A way to provide a simple list of repeating events (birthdays).
I do *NOT* need:

* 1. Alarms and audible/popup reminders
* 2. Searching, Synchronizing, Printing.
Now if we did decide to code it ourselves, there are a couple of unusual features that I might consider adding, like:

* Ability to configure a few custom fields that would be shown on each day, like a field for "Weight" or "Miles Run", etc., and which might be graphable.

Anyone else think this would be useful?  Every desktop app i've sen is designed to be a serious power tool for people with super busy schedules..
I just want as close as I can get to a physical wall calendar which let's me easily add notes to each day.

Anyone know of an application like this, free or otherwise?

Rainlendar? It can do the things you don't need though.

I want is a very simplistic, minimalist Desktop Calendar application, with a very basic feature set -- but I'm quite picky about some of the user interface elements.
-mouser (January 30, 2013, 01:08 AM)
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I looked into this category a few months ago and couldn't find anything that simple, so decided to stick with Google Cal. But here are a few software I came across (in order of increasing complexity - the last few are far too complex for your criteria, but included them anyway for comparison):

* Smart Desktop Calendar
* Cotton Calendar
* Pimlical
* Calendarscope
Another option might be to use the provided calendar files and features within existing PIM, such as BrainStorm, WhizFolders etc.

Edit: I should have mentioned calendar view and date topics within ConnectedText (wiki), which is all text and mark-up based.


Nice desktop calendar, full view and mini, both with click date to add notes.
A free version and Pro and Ultimate for more features.

Perhaps UK's Kalender?
Does not match your required feature set exactly - especially point 2.
But it is somewhat minimalist.


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