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Bits Du Jour and GAOTD one-day deals

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I just grabbed and activated PowerCommand - really nice. I have a licence for TakeCommand/4NT 8 and I really like it as well. However, I can no longer justify the price - upgrades are $45 and come about once a year, so keeping up to date is expensive. I also have a licence for PromptPal, courtesy of Bits du Jour. Given the huge spread in price between PromptPal and PowerCMD on one hand and TakeCommand on the other, I'd suggest that you try the GAOTD. If you don't like it, try PromptPal, which I have been very happy with... (but I'm hardly a power command line user).

EDIT: added some words here and there to improve clarity/readability. Corrected some typos.

PromptPal is what I currently own/use and am very happy with it. I am certain that if there are some features in PowerCMD that are useful the PromptPal folks might look at adding them to their product. But nobody should have any reservations about purchasing PromptPal if they have been thinking about it.

I forgot about PromptPal - I tried it awhile back and decided not to buy, but I honestly can't remember what the deal killer was.  I may have to try it again.

I was using prompt pal, and was very happy with it with a few exceptions (the fact that it opens a cmd window at time to execute the commands sucks).  I still use it quite a bit, but lately I've been using cygwin more and more... I just downloaded powershell and am going to take a look at it... from what a friend says, it might be better than both...

I couldn't resist PromptPal for the $14.95 I paid for it, and I've not had any regrets. However, honesty compels me to highlight again that I am hardly a power user and to note that I have a combo of TCI and 4NT v.8 setup as my regular use command-line replacement. My only beef with it is the price...!


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