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Bits Du Jour and GAOTD one-day deals

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Steven Avery:
Many of watch Bits Du Jour and Giveaway of the Day.  I especially like Bits,
the other day I purchased Backup4All from Bits, and I have been finding a product every two weeks or so that I consider a good purchase choice. On Giveaway I enjoy the discussions with all the references to this freeware and that shareware, and why the current giveaway is so schlocky (with some notable exceptions).

Since those are all short-term one-day giveaways (Bits we know a few days in advance) can we stick all their "Deals and Discounts" on a "One-Day Deals and Discounts" separate section, next to this one, so that they don't flood this thread from its more long-term discounts ?

If this post should be on a different forum on DonationCoder, move it along :-).  However it would be good to be seen here, since a lot of us check this thread most frequently, not wanting to miss a solid deal !


Good idea. Maybe a Sticky thread each for BdJ and GOTD.

Come Friday, 1'st of February, Bits du Jour will offer Advanced WindowsCare PRO:

Advanced WindowsCare Professional

Deal Price: $15.87
You Save:48% - List Price:$29.95

A System Utility for Superior PC Health

Advanced WindowsCare Professional Edition is an award-winning, comprehensive utility suite that provides an automated, always-on, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service.

The suite includes an anti-spyware utility, privacy protection and encryption, performance tune-ups, and a variety system cleaning capabilities. With Advanced WindowsCare Professional Edition, you can "Install It and Forget It". The application completes it's processes automatically and runs quietly in the background.

Advanced WindowsCare Professional Edition gives you the ability to keep your computer safe, error-free, and running at it's top speed and optimal performance level.

--- End quote ---

Yup - great idea, Steven  :Thmbsup: When I'm going through the links for the newsletter I have to be vigilant about these kind of links because, obviously, come newsletter time they're "dead".

Curt - I'm sure Givewayoftheday featured that app a few months back.... OK twice actually, once in February 2007 and again in June 2007. Here's the original giveaway comments section (1) and comments section (2). I dimly remember downloading and installing the original giveaway. Seemed OK, but redundant given the other solutions I've already paid for!

Yes, Darwin, and I (too) had it for free back then. But I don't have it anymore, because I think the registry cleaner is (was) removing too much!


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