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Bits Du Jour and GAOTD one-day deals

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Screen Measurement Pack (Screen Calipers, Screen Protractor and Screen Compass) was mentioned in his first post almost a year ago. I for one would sure like to see this bundle offered at Bits du Jour again!  :up:
-Curt (February 01, 2008, 08:16 AM)
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We will certainly have the Iconico products up on Bits du Jour again, we did a few over Christmas but we'll have the pack up at some point. I coded the measurement tools and most of what you see on Iconico, some of the apps date back to 2000. Nice to be here too guys.

Sounds like a good idea to me.  Not sure I fully understand the posts against this idea.

I just think it would be nice to have a place to take a quick glance and see if something we really like is being offered.  I have a number of such sites in FeedDemon and I try to take a look daily  Now I don't know about anyone else here but I seem to miss my daily glance just when one of those sites are offering a program I would have loved to try out. Just my misfortune, I guess!!

But I'm here at DC daily and don't think I'd miss anything at all if there was a daily "reminder" here.

Personally I like Carol's ticker idea!!



Maybe we could have a fixed thread a la "Did you try and can you recommend today's offer?"

I'm at work and busy, but I notice no one has posted today's GOTD. I'm going to grab it when I get home tonight.

PowerCmd @ GOTD

PowerCmd is a modern and sleek Windows Command Prompt Replacement that allows you to run multiple consoles within a single tabbed window. You can easily organize console windows, use Windows style text editing behavior, auto-save logs, highlight keywords, configure font and colors, customize a toolbar for frequently used commands or tools, shift to a very nice full screen mode, and get much more functionalities.

With much more powerful user interface than Windows Command Prompt, PowerCmd makes the console convenient and friendly.
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Bits Du Jour and GAOTD one-day deals

I'm going to grab it when I get home tonight.
-tinjaw (February 21, 2008, 10:25 AM)
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Me too. I've been trying to like the open-source Console2 (, which has a similar idea, but it's been a little too buggy.  I'm also considering trying the new (and rather pricey) TakeCommand 9 from JP Software ( which has a similar capability of 'en-tabbing' console windows.

Is anyone successfully using any of these console wranglers?


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