Best Software Discovery and Blog Sites

gizmo's tech support alert

Brilliant community-powered freeware review site.


Daily discoveries of rare and cool new freeware utilities (forum).


A bunch of great programs blogged every day.


One of our favorite daily reads -- always a great little article to read.

Another of the handfull of daily must-read software blogs with great short entries.

Elite Freeware

Very nice freeware software blog

Freeware Junkie

Very nice freeware software blog

Freeware Genius

Very nice freeware software blog


Very nice freeware software blog

The Great Linux Software List

Fantastic site that reviews and recommends the best software in many categories.

Best Software Announcement Sites


Nice site that lists new programs and updates along with recent-changes list.

Primewares (formerly Freeware World Team)

Freeware announcements and searchable archive.

Version Tracker

Brief daily listings of newly relased programs and updates.

Best Software Search Sites


Frequently updated, organized, searchable site for shareware and freeware.


Great site for open source and commercial Linux/Unix software.

NoNags Freeware

Comprehensive freeware archive.

OSSwin project

Large directory of Open Source software for Microsoft Windows.

Best Sites for Programmers

The Code Project

The best programming articles and code for Windows Programming (esp. C++).


Similiar to CodeProject, and also excellent resource for Windows System Programming

Similar to CodeProject; code and articles, focusing on Windows.

Torry's Delphi

Great site for finding Delphi/C++Builder components.


Best resource for Open Source projects.

Developer Shed

Great resources for scripting (php,etc); forums here.

Best Programming Blogs/Newsletters

Coding Horror Blog

Frequently updated blog on .net and human factors.

Artima Blogs

Nice collection of blogs by serious programmers.

The Old New Thing

Very detailed discussions about Win32 coding issues.

Joe White's Blog

See his series on Diff. algorithms.

O'Reilly Blogs

A large collection of blogs hosted by the programmer-friendly O'Reilly Network.


Site by developers on coding technologies.

Nick's Delphi Blog

Delphi talk, rants against bad UI design, etc.


Good blog on user interface issues.

Best Software Newsletters / Tip Sites

infopackets windows newsletter

Tips, tricks, software and reviews; email newsletter and website.

The Elder Geek on WinXp

Friendly general talk on Windows Xp Issues.


Daily computer and technology tips.

Scot's Newsletter

Windows, broadband, do-it-yourself networking, Microsoft, and the Internet.

Windows Annoyances

Famous site discussing windows idiosyncrasies and fixes.

Clif Notes

Cliff's reviews, tips, and freeware wiki.

Best Company Review Sites

Free Email Address Directory

Reviews of free email providers, and email usage guides (forum).

WebHosting Talk

Great site to find user opinions about hosting companies.

User rating and reviews for anything you can buy.

User ratings and reviews for companies.

Ratings for stores.

Best Online Reference Tools

Convert just about anything to anything else

Encyclopedia Brittanica Online

Search the famous encyclopedia.


The incredible free encyclopedia project.

Merriam-Webster Online

Search the dictionary and even hear pronunciations.

No-nonsense search of a bunch of free dictionaries.

Find directions and maps.

Google Groups

Search newsgroup old and new.

US Govt. Weather Service

Get weather info plus (US only).

Software Used on This Site

Simple Machines Forum

Wonderful Open Source forum software.


Mailing list manager/sender (needed to send tens of thousands of emails).


Generic Syntax Highlighter - formats code in forum posts.

Prodigious Freeware Developers


Essential, unique system monitoring freeware (regmon, filemon).


Can one man really have written all this great freeware?


Some fantastic little system utilities.

Best Help / Tech Support

Tech Support Guy Forums

Excellent forums dedicated to helping people with all hardware/software problems.

Suggest A Fix

Free Online Tech Support Forum.

Practically Networked

Really nice how-to guides and reviews for setting up home and office networking.

Nice guides and articles about home and office networking.

Windows Support Sites

Links to help sites for almost any Windows problem.

DSL/Broadband Reports

Large collection of forums on different topics (especially cable providers

Best Hardware Sites

Steve's DigiCams Reviews

The best reviews of digital cameras and printers on the planet.


Serious hardware site for people who know what they are talking about

Tom's Hardware Guide

Famous for a good reason; long reviews and news about cutting-edge hardware.


Lots of nice stories on new computer technology and gadgets.


Best online computer hardware store - terrific prices and superfast shipping.


Find current bargains and sales on computer/electronic equipment.

Best Computer News/Hub Sites

ars technica

Computer and technology news and columns (annoying clickthroughs).


Less of a news site than a frequently update hub.

Daily Rotation

Headlines from various computer news sites.


Daily updates on Linux and Open Source projects.

OS news

Daily updates on programming and operating system news.

The Register

Information Technology Daily News Articles.


technology and new gadget announcements


Windows related headlines and news

Read/Write Web

Opinions On NextGen Website

Best Technology Fun


Daily posts of wonderful things found on the web


greate site for modern do-it-yourself projects


Software, web pages, and technology tricks to save you time.

Best Computer Security Sites


News and alerts on computer security.

Wilders Security Forum

Forums where users discuss security programs.

Best Cd / Dvd / Recording Sites

World's largest cd/dvd community? seems so.

good cd/dvd burning and multimedia guides

Great resources to help in choosing hardware.


Very active forum, discusses audio recording a lot.

Best Online Games

samorost2 (plus other games)

our favorite flash game ever made, very beautiful

Daily reviews and discoveries of great flash games.

Online Entertainment and Humour


nice online music jukebox

The Onion

Funniest satirical newspaper ever.

Best Game Magazine Sites


Good free content for pcs and consoles.


lots of ads but all the games sites have 'em.


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