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GemX - missing in action

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People have been speculating too much. If Gemx meet their new datelines, they'll also get a vote of confidence from me. A new version of Texnotes would be amazing news. I'm also looking forward to their new version of Do.
-Chessnia (December 22, 2007, 04:51 PM)
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Yup. This is more or less the tack that I am taking as well. Of course, I have an ethical dilemma... my registered user area still points to downloads for both the full version of Do and a licence key  :o

I will cut them slack after they refund me the $80 I spent on my product.

Someone asked about Dobberman database that's in DO, they use Accuracer database. Download Accuracer tools and you can access your DO database.

theres a new version btw. looks like it got out just 2day.

I have never looked at any GemX software before and know nothing about the company.

I just looked at TextNotes Pro. They are selling it for $24.95 (1/2 off I think) and it looks like an amazingly nice program. Is it worth the cost or should I stay away from GemX?

Thanks, Ken


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