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GemX - missing in action

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GemX prides itself on its customer support - claiming that it's "probably the support service in the industry". Since I bought my first GemX product, TexNotes Pro a year or so ago, I've generally found that they live up to the claim. Lately, however, they seemed to have dropped the ball. E-mails and D.S.M. (Direct Support Messaging) requests go unanswered and their users forum - which have been excellent for a variety of reasons (user particiaption, developer's participation, tips, etc.) - has now been down for over two weeks.

Development of their products seems to have ceased as well. For about 8 weeks prior to the forum going off-line, there was a note at the head of it advising visitors that the development team was VERY hard at work on bug fixes and updates to Do-Organizer. These have never materialized and the bugs remain. TexNotes Pro is slated for update as well but hasn't been updated since October of last year. Finally, their blog is still linked to from the GemX home page and yet it hasn't been updated in almost a year as well (last post September 17, 2006).

Worrying. Out of curiosity, how many GemX users are here?

I too have had horrible experiences when it comes to GemX and customer support. Initially, when I was evaluating Do-Org, I tried to register for their forums. It took me 2 weeks to get this done and several of you remember the fiasco I went through. I resorted to having some folks from the netherlands CALL THEM and still got no answer. I registered a total of 8 times, each time my account was deleted after 24 hours. They have admin approval setup on their forum for new user accounts. This is all well and good, IF THEY MONITORED IT. OK, that aside, I finally was able to register.

Now, I evaluated and purchased the program and various modules for it. Well, it took me 4 days to get my product key for the base program and that didnt allow me to use any of the modules I purchased. I sent several emails (which was also done when attempting to register an account to ask for support issues), all of which went unanswered. But again, after 4 days, I finally received a reply.

Now, I reported a bug about 3 months ago which was reported by several other users regarding their reminders system popping up reminders even after the alarm was dismissed and past the event's actual end time. They claimed this was being worked on. Well, I asked to be added to their beta team so that I could test the fixes. It took them 1 month to add me, and I think that was only done to shut me up on their forums since I was loudly voicing my distaste for their support. Well, after being granted access, I noticed that ONLY ONE beta version had been posted on their beta forum, and that during the course of the next two months no info was posted on what they were working on and what needed to be tested.

Now, as darwin pointed out, the forums have gone AWOL along with the support staff. Their pride and joy, DSM, support system which allows users to communicate directly with the authors without the need for email has proven to be useless. I too, sent a message to them about their forums and have yet to receive a reply. They claim on their DSM page that the response time is 4 hours, this has not been the case at all. Often times, when I do receive a "response", no contact is actually made and the problem is mysteriously either handled, or made to disappear.

This is a user who is about to demand a refund since I cannot obtain support for the constant bugs I am now starting to find with no way to report them. This is really pissing me off.

Well, I don't use it and thanks to your message, won't anytime soon.

Thanks for posting your story, Josh. Just to add to it (or really to add neglected details from my own post) I first e-mailed them about their forums being down around the 17th of August. I followed this up, after a week without a response, with a D.S.M. To them on 24th August. Both these messages remain unanswered. They have a really vibrant, and loyal, user base who are very active on the forums. I wish I knew of a way to communicate with them. Hopefully there are more active DC'ers who are also members of the GemX forum and will see this thread.

Over the last couple of days, the gemx website has dropped off the face of the, er, internet. This is either a good thing, meaning that they're busy tweaking things or it is a bad thing, indicating that they are closing up shop. Personally, I'd be very surprised if the latter were the case, so fingers crossed for the former!


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