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Turning Windows 2003 Server into a workstation?

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I agree with your sentiments lol there's not enough alternatives on the desktop, I don't think MS wants to compete even more with itself.

I'd consider a move to Linux or something like that (like Zaine) if I weren't so attached to my dozens of software.

itd be nice. since windows server is cheaper than xp.  ;D

I just wanted to revive this thread because I was thinking about Server 2003.  After all this time, what can any users here tell me about Server 2003?  Is it really as fast as I think, or are my initial reactions a little too exaggerated?

I've been running on eXPerience's Micro2003 for a while (over 10 months), and simply love it.
Also used a clean install of 2003EE, and worked fine. It's a really good Desktop OS.


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