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Turning Windows 2003 Server into a workstation?

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Hi guys, I remember right when Windows Server 2003 came out, some people tweaked it to function as a regular workstation and wrote some tutorials about it.  I used one of these tutorials and tried it, and I was really impressed with at least the speed of 2003, it seemed so much more streamlined than XP.  Eventually, I ran into trouble with driver compatibilities and some specific software.  I was wondering if things have progressed and if using 2003 as a workstation is easier now?  Has anyone tried it?

I just remember it being really fast, but probably it's compatible with everything.

There's two parts to the win2k3 server thing... one is in what components are installed, but you can use to fix up XP and remove stuff you don't need (does take a bit tweaking though).

The other is, and I might remember things wrongly here, is that MS uses a more recent version of their compiler for win2k3 compared to the one used for XP (interestingly enough, XP64 is closer related to 2k3 than regular XP) - I don't know how much this matters in real life, though.

I think that madis from the flat assembler community runs a tweaked win2k3, I could try asking him.

win2k3 is also optimized for server scenarios (see codinghorror's 64-bit desktop vs 64-bit server). If you have already made the decision however, it's just an interested article and I can't help you further lol

Not sure if it would support DirectX either in case you play movies / play games. and the driver issues you mentioned.

I tried it once using Windows X's Windows Server 2003 - XP Conversion Pack. I didn't stick with it because I couldn't get the right drivers for some of my hardware, so went back to XP.

I the drivers are still the issue.  I wasn't really planning on doing it, I was just wondering about it.  I remember being impressed by the speed.  Of course, by the time I installed all the programs I have on my XP, I guess it would revert to the same thing.  Gotta have my software!


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