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DcuHelper.exe v1.10 (7/12/11) - Update checking for your apps (dcupdater compat)

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New minor update2:

* v1.09.01 - July 2, 2011 - now bypasses cache explicitly when checking for version update -- could cause old files on some pcs; thanks worstje

When you have DcuHelper without DcUpdater installed (ie the majority of non DC people) and there is an update available, DcuHelper is now showing my complete XML file under the whatsnew - is that intended - maybe it's checking the extension again to see if its an xml file?

Also, it then gives you the option to download dcupdate (great) or visit the products website. This is not so great as product updates in this case are not available from my website ;) Would you consider adding a line to .dcupdate or versioninfo.xml to address this?

I can think of 3 options, if you wish to address the issue:
* dcupdate option DcuHelperUpdateUrl  that specifies either UpdateFile or WebPage as its value to choose from (as both the WebPage and the UpdateFile are already in the file) OR
* a dcupdate or versionxml option that specifies DcuHelperUpdateUrl that points to an http address or a website thats get loaded in the browser.
* use the webpage element as a url that can contain either html/binaries

Both these options allow people to specify either a webpage or a direct link.

This also sort of addresses a related idea I have. As some information in the .dcupdate might change after some people have downloaded it, I think some options would benefit to either move to the versionxml or to manage the .dcupdate file centrally and download it on update,

I'm thinking of the following elements - they would work better under the control of the developer:
VersionFileRemote, WebPage, UpdateFile

What you think? :) just an idea

Minor update:

* v1.10.01 - July 12, 2011 - if launched as a hidden window (common in old versions of dcuhelper) the new dialog would not display; thanks worstje

I think some options would benefit to either move to the versionxml or to manage the .dcupdate file centrally and download it on update
--- End quote ---

Yes i was thinking this too -- or simply make it possible for the remote file to overide the values. 
It's the way it is mostly to keep the remote version file as small as possible since it is downloaded so frequently.
But it does seem like i should make it an option that would let remote version file overide the download location, etc.


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