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Features being considered..

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I'm thinking of adding some features to BrowserTraySwitch that are found in some other tools used for web development.

For example. commands to change size of open browser to a fixed size (to test appearance with certain sized browsers), and perhaps a function to open a given web page in ALL known browsers, to compare rendering..

any other ideas?

the comparitive rendering feature sounds like an excellent idea.

Something that frustrates me when using my computer.  I have XP with fast user switching.  I use Thunderbird email client and my daughter has her own user area with Incredimail.  When I start Thunderbird I have to set it as the default client, a setting which changes again when she uses her account.  A program like BrowserTraySwitch for quick change of the default client would be handy.  Or is there someway I can do this with existing Windows settings?


this is a good question.

when writing browser tray switch i discovered that there are a very annoyingly large set of different settings that effect the default browser, and different browsers seem to use different tricks to make themselves the current browser.

for example there are different settings that effect which browser gets launched if you double click a .htm vs which browser gets launched if you click on a .url shortcut or when a program launches a url.

i dont know exactly how to set it up so that different users would have dif browsers but it might be possible.

but i guess you are talking about email clients.. this is a nice idea for me to make an emailtrayswitch util which works the same as browsertrayswitch but for email clients.. i will look into it..  very good idea.

i will add in next version the ability to specify the browser to change to on the commandline  so that you could put it in a batch file to be run when switching users to make it even easier.

Thanks mouser.  My issue is just a minor inconvenience but I've often wondered if there was a solution.



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