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FARR V2 core alias tables

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Here's a table with a bunch of useful commands in farr!

In these tables, bold items are farr keywords or phrases. Try them! ;)

commanddescriptionhelpfarropens a menu with several help items: <open help file> (gohelp), <open options> (gooptions), <configure toolbar> (gotoolbar), <visit website> (gowebsite) and <update farr> (goupdate)listfarrshows a menu with all the built in listings: <list available aliases> (agroups), <list launch story> (historyl), <list past search history> (historys) and <list installed plugins> (aplugins)
Dictionaries, Thesauruses, and Encyclopedias aliases:
commanddescriptionexampledefineFind definitions/synonyms for words through various dictionaries and thesaurusdefine pachydermatouslookupFind information about a query, through encyclopedias, A9,,, etc.lookup pachydermatous
commanddescriptionexamplenewssearch for news about something in google, yahoo or bbc news global warming
Search for specific contents:
commanddescriptionexamplesearchmake a general web search using your favourite search engine: google, yahoo,, donation coderblogsearch for blog posts about something, in Google Blog Search and Technorati Blog Searchblog softwarenewssearch for news about something in several news sitesnews global warmingimdbsearch for movies on internet movie databaseimdb the godfatherimgsearch for images several image sites, like google image search, yahoo image search, flickr, NASA,, etcimg landscapemapssearch for locations in google mapsmaps lisbon,Portugalmusicsearch for artists, albums or songs at AMG, discogs, norah jonessoftwaresearch for software (you found on donationcoder ;)) on tucows,snapfiles or betanewssoftware find and run robottor or torrentsearch several torrent sites, like, mininova, torrentSpy or pirateBaytor ubuntu or torrent suze linuxvideossearch for videos on youtube or imdbvideos footballwikisearch for wikipedia information on wikipedia search, wikiseek, Clusty Wikipedia seach or futef wikipedia searchwiki donationcoder
Want to go online shopping?
Check out these aliases:
commanddescriptionexampleamazonsearch for items to shop at,,, or amazon.framazon monty python and the holy grailebaysearch for items to shop at,,, or ebay.frebay flying carpetbnsearch for items to shop at barnes and noblebn harry potterneweggsearch for items to shop at neweggnewegg samsung monitortigerdirectsearch for items to shop at tiger directtigerdirect maxtor
Here's 2 useful internet aliases:
commanddescriptionexampledcmake a search at DonationCoder forums or check out the latest unread postsdc find and run or dcynuse the powerful yubnub to make any websearch that FARR might miss ;)yn simpsons or yn random 100 or yn man random
And here's 2 miscelaneous aliases:
commanddescriptionexamplefileinfoGet information about a specific file extentionfileinfo XMLpastepaste the date, the time, or both to the active windowpaste
Also, there's a very simple note manager:
commanddescriptionexampleaddnotecreate a new noteaddnote hello, this is a note!!viewnotesopen the notes fileviewnotes
These are very useful aliases, that'll allow you to browse the web or send e-mails:
commanddescriptionexampleemailSend a simple e-mail with a specific subjectemail [email protected] i love farr!!!emailSend a simple e-mail with a specific subject, just by typing the [email protected] i love farr!!!email3check the temporary spam email at bugmenot or at mailinatoremail3 or email3 [email protected], http://, ftp:// or https://open websites only by typing in the address!,, or

If you'd like to add or correct something, please make a post below!!

For non-default aliases, see:
File management
Window Management
Finance aliases
NirCMD alias (shutdown,standby,lockpc,mute sound,etc)

wonderful  :-* :-* :-*

Great list, this is the sort of thing i was missing i think, so much in FARR that my poor brain suffers under the weight of it  ;D  I saw mention of one that zips a file? and I cant find it? a pointer to the right thread would be appreciated  :)

Here you go, Grorgy!

Glad you like this table :)

Great, thank you :Thmbsup:  :)


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