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FARR V2 core alias tables

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great work, jgpaiva! :Thmbsup: mouser, sticky this.. 8)

I love this , thank you so much  :Thmbsup:

FYI, BugMeNot is no longer in the "free nospam email" business... but the mailinator alias works great!

Has the addnote(s) and viewnote(s) aliases been removed?  Nothing comes up.
It would be great if the shopping aliases are editable, since not everyone lives in the U.S.
I love the igo alias, so handy, but it would be even better if it would move the window to the left margin of the screen by it self on top of auto-expand the window (move the FARR window back to where it was when you clear the search box).

Just some possible suggestions.

addnote and viewnote have been replaced by a much nicer plugin called hamnotes:

as for editing the built-in aliases -- it's a complicated thing, because they are non-editable in order to keep them from being overwritten when updating.
if you want to edit, one solution is to COPY the alias file from the Alias Groups/Installed directory to the MyCustom directory, and then UNCHECK the one in the Installed directory so that only your version is used; then you can edit your version.


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