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ZillaRank: An improved search for smf forum

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As many of you know, we often joke that the SMF search function on the forum sucks, and seems to miss returning search results that we know are there.

Well, our own Wordzilla has been immersing himself in the SMF code, and has begun totally revamping the search code used by the forum.

He's just gotten started, but we need your help to:

* test it and see if you can find any posts that should be returned during a search but aren't -- this is most important request -- try to find searches that are missing results that should have been found
* make other suggestions on what you'd like to see improved (one thing already planned by wordzilla is to be able to sort results easily by date, author, relevancy).
We look forward to your help in bughunting!


I'm glad to know this is working in the forum!!!

First suggestion:
Ignore the "MOVED: " threads, since those are a repetition of the real thread.


i'm sure wordy will make a brilliant job of it.

Good idea Joao, maybe I should give all "MOVED: " threads extra low relevance score.

I'm hoping that this first update will be able to address these 2 issues:

1. Missing results

2. Excessive noise/irrelevant info in results

The next update to forum search will (hopefully) feature a better relevance ranking system. We dont need having 10-pages of results - IMO just a dozen most relevant topics on topmost would suffice, for most people.  :)

So this is the the SMF search you were going to put your hands on ;)

Excellent! Now all the other forums (especially those using phpBB) would be envious of the improved search function here


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