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ZillaRank: An improved search for smf forum

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Thanks Mouser, I'll make the changes to the file manually.

Best regards

PS, I like the "Add Preset text" mod too

i want a kind word and a piece of gum! but i can't find a search form  :D

Hi Jimbo88,

At the top of the page, right under the header you can find a magnifying glass icon with a textbox, a combobox (drop down) and a search button. In the text box you enter your search words and with the combobox you can decide the range of your search (e.g. whole forum, only this board, blah blah). Then press the search button to start your search.

If you need more experienced features you find a right under that a line saying "Forum Home My Profile Thread Marks Member Map Chat! Downloads Search Unread Posts". If you click on Search you get a comprehensive search form where you can define all aspects of your search.



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