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NirCmd Setup, a guide of sorts

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Yes, I had originally done single commands, but I like regex so the all-in-one flexible list was more fun! As you say, that regex can be used for any command that expects 0 or more additional entries.

I'll go off and test the new version.  :)

And non troppo is Italian for "not too much", but my definition comes from its use in classical music, whereby it is used by a composer to relativise a direction for the musicians; "Lento ma non troppo" means slowly, but not to slowly or slowly, more or less. It fits into my polemic for relativism and deconstruction.

hi there nontroppo,

is it possible to do the same thing with autohotkey scripts? i mean, to create group containing ahk scripts which by selecting them will call up autohotkey to execute the script...

thanks in advance...

best regards,

Would people who like nircmd also like Steve Gibson's Wizmo?

=== begin quote ===
Wizmo is a multipurpose miscellaneous Windows utility that provides an array of single-click functions that are missing from Windows. Triggered by a single mouse click, it can do things like power down your system's displays, activate your screen saver, change or mute the audio volume, restart, reboot, or shutdown your system, and much more. It even includes a rather cool built-in "Graviton" screen saver that simulates the motion of any number of mutually gravitationally attracted celestial objects.
=== end quote ===
Gibson Research  then find the freeware section

i'm just finishing importing+exporting+pasting of group aliases files, so it will be easy to share these aliases, so yeah, keep 'em coming!

now that we have standalone alias files, with ability to specify custom icons, i think it would be WONDERFUL if someone could volunteer to create a nice full nircmd alias file, and nontroppo has done most of the work already.  i know hamradio would help find+make icons for it if help is needed.

anyone want to volunteer?


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