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NirCmd Setup, a guide of sorts

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There is a bug in the standby command - it exits windows instead - maybe that was in my version!?
-nontroppo (July 23, 2007, 11:59 AM)
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You're absolutelly right!!
I've corrected it :) thanks! ;)

There is something annoying though (been a while sonce I've been using FARR so I may just be rusty).

I type "cmd st" - gives me Nircmd standby command as the first entry - I just want to press F1 or [ENTER], but that replaces the text with Standby and I have to press F1 or [ENTER] a second time. I assume this is to do with the alias list having two repeated aliases, but when I press F1 I simply want that one to run.

Actually, that's related to the way the alias is made.
Any of those entries works like that, because now you can just type "standby" to standby the computer, the "cmd" alias is only there to serve as a list in case you forget the name of the other entries.


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