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pls recommend a good benign keylogger

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Yes, sadly (and inexplicably to my mind) NetSnippets was abandoned. At any rate, both of them do include the url, regardless of whether or not your selecting the whole page or just a portion of it.

pls recommend a good benign keylogger

pls recommend a good benign keylogger

EDIT: better Netsnippets screenshot...

I have perhaps the 2nd ever legitimate use for a keylogger :-)

I am certain (as certain as anyone can be) that the target system is not compromised and does not have spyware, ad-ware, root kits, trojans, etc.

What I do know is that since installing a Microsoft wireless laser mouse and corresponding intellipoint software CD, if occasionally I fumble-finger on the *keyboard* (not using mouse!) while using IE7, a new tab opens and goes right to Zoomit page on Microsoft Sysinternals Technet site.   ????

I have used Zoomit and am quite familiar with it.  But have never installed it (intentionally) on this machine...

So I am interested in a legitimate and honest keylogger, that might help me find out just what I'm typing when I fat-finger and this page opens!

OT to this thread, but just some background on the system.  Didn't come here looking for help solving the underlying problem, but suggestions are welcome for that too.

I have turned off ALL intellipoint features for the mouse with the exception of left and right mouse buttons as 'normal' click actions.  No tilt-wheel, no magnify or zoom, etc.  After having a fat-finger moment and launching the Technet site the very first time, I thought it might be the auto-update process for Intellipoint, I found internet sites on disabling this update checker and did so.  The problem persists, in fact it just happened a moment ago after I fat-fingered and that prompted me to come find this forum.

This system had a Microsoft wireless optical mouse prior to this laser mouse.  The optical did not require the intellipoint software in order to function as a basic mouse (the XP-supplied generic USB drivers worked).  Unfortunately this laser mouse doesn't work reliably even as a basic mouse, without the intellipoint drivers.  I did install this laser mouse on three other XP systems (two XP Pro SP2, one XP pro SP3), all of them needed the intellipoint software for basic mouse operation.

This system is XP Pro SP3 and is behind a firewalled linux gateway server.  It has been scanned with everything I can find to throw at it and it comes up clean.

Also, the culprit may not be the intellipoint software directly.  This system is on a Raritan SwitchMan KVM, I have had problems in the past with the Raritan mis-interpreting keyboard input and doing something unexpected.  The intellipoint software may simply have opened up a new avenue for the Raritan to mess-up :-)  Whatever it is, it is consistent (I think).

I'm going to try some of the keylogger utilities mentioned in this thread to see if any would be helpful. 

Oh, by the way, I do use Ditto clipboard manager and this has come in handy more times than I can count.  Like others here who have lost vast amounts of unsaved typing, I have too and developed the habit of coping to the clipboard frequently so Ditto has it.  Doesn't help with this problem, but Ditto has been great for the other problem.  If configured with 'unlimited' clipboard size, Ditto does have problems with large clipboard copies of large spreadsheets or large word processing documents from Microsoft Office or Open Office, I have set Ditto's clip size down to a reasonable amount to support important tasks as I really don't need the clipboard copy saved from large spreadsheets or word documents anyway.  Just an FYI for anyone using Ditto.

OK now I'm way off topic to this thread, I'm off to see if I can discover a keylogger that can record me doing the fumble-finger to the Zoomit site!


I am not disciplined enough to compose long e-mails/posts in an external editor. I follow the same path as Hirudin - I've been burned enough times that I now hit ctrl-A and Ctrl-C pretty often when writing - because I use Clipmate, this provides me with mutliple backups that I can revisit weeks later, if I haven't deleted the contents of the main clipboard by then.
-Darwin (May 15, 2007, 07:09 PM)
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As I was reading this thread's messages and considering the pros and cons of using a keylogger (for the same purpose as the original poster), I began to think that I should simply make use of Clipmate, my favorite piece of software.  And just as I was thinking this, I came upon your message!  So rather than download a keylogger that will record ALL my keystrokes, including backspacing, etc., I'll just try to remember to hit CTL-A CTL-C frequently when I'm typing a lengthy message that I wouldn't want to lose.  Thanks, Darwin.  :Thmbsup:

keylogger Mac
keylogger for Mac. I have tested lots of keyloggers and found All In One Keyloggers as the best Keylogger.

I use it to monitor my kids and it does an excellent job.

-modis (June 01, 2007, 06:59 AM)
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So, it that keylogger free to use?

So, it that keylogger free to use?-EmmaL (April 25, 2012, 02:04 AM)
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