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pls recommend a good benign keylogger

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Yesterday, was composing a long email and suddenly IE crashed and lost the entire draft (45mins work lost).
ANd this is not the first time that I lost typed text (powerfailure, software crashes, accidental pressing of wrong keys - are some of the reasons)

Was wondering if there is a good tool (similar to keylogger but less the spyware part) that will log the typed text (preferably including formatting) and realtime autosave in the background

Any suggestions?

I don't know of any right off but...a simple way without using a keylogger would be to just compose message body in a text editor then copy to the box and format if need be. :)

lost the entire draft (45mins work lost).
...-ganrad (May 12, 2007, 12:17 AM)
--- End quote ---
That is SO aggravating isn't it!? Every now and then I'll periodically "copy" all the text of a long post to the clipboard. Sure, I have to do it manually, but it works in a pinch (on any computer, without additional software).

Here's an idea: Would be possible to make an AHK script that would add a "Open Notepad" button to all text boxes, or maybe even all text boxes that are 2 lines or larger? (Maybe it could catch the html code and insert new code or something?)

If someone is going to make this program, it might be cool if it kept a visual log of all keystrokes. I mean, maybe it could just clone all keystrokes to an open copy of Notebook or something. That way you could manually go into the log and delete any entries you don't want saved...

Well... I recomend using something like chs.
When you're typing the email, just press ctrl-a and ctrl-c and the whole email will be copied to the clipboard and will be kept in chs. It's very fast and very handy ;)

I've had this sort of thing happen too - I guess we all have. I've simply made it a practice, if I'm writing anything more than a couple of lines on a web page, to compose in Word (or similar) with the backup set pretty tight. When I'm finished (and have reconsidered all that I've said! -lol) simply copy and past on to the page.


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