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Any freeware alternatives to Instant ThumbView?

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Nighted: What do I do to enable the previews of images on hovering over the file names? I have QTT installed and can see the tabs and its buttons. But mouse over on picture files doesn't show the preview.

Sri, right click beside a tab (not directly on the tab) and select Options. Go to Misc. and make sure to check "Show preview tooltip".

Darwin, ok, I'm going to bed now! Good night!  ;D

You fellows are strange; why do you go to bed when it is almost high noon? Maybe you are situated the 'wrong' place? Move to Europe so I can buy you a beer (a genuine beer, that is: a pilsner!), and we can look at all the blondes and make sure they do have more fun...  8)
Sleep tight!


Newest version of QTTabBar 1.0.16 released maybe minutes ago just so happens to now have this feature. Maybe the author reads these forums? -Nighted (May 06, 2007, 02:00 AM)
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Fantastic timing!  :o  :Thmbsup:  :D

I am impressed with this new feature of QT Tab. The popup thumb even shows animations. Cool!

Here is an animation of the animation of an animation:


Thanks Nighted. QTT is indeed nice. If only I can figure out how to have both folders and favorites show up in the left bar at the same time..I can uninstall XYPlorer then.

The only way I can think of right now is to create a new folder in C:/ and place a shortcut to Favourites in it (I have done so). But its not quite the same you are asking for - its not as fast to use.


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