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Any freeware alternatives to Instant ThumbView?

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Thanks Tom! All you have to do is select "Image" from the samples and it displays the syntax. Nice...

Curt, Instant ThumbView is unreliable because it does not always render the thumbnail. -Nighted (May 05, 2007, 02:56 PM)
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I found out some hours ago and have already removed the app from my PC. But, as you said, its a pitty, because there seems to be no other of the kind; I have been searching the net for hours today (tonight, locale time), and found none. I found several that will display in the context menu, but no other that would show the thumb in a fast popup. Who's gonna code this snack? - or is it too big a meal?

..., and Direct Folders (HORRIBLE, if not non-existent customer support and unstable behaviour...I see the guy has had time to release a new app, but not respond to my support request of many moons ago - DO NOT buy anything from this guy, support your friend Nighted, ok? ;) ).-Nighted (May 05, 2007, 02:56 PM)
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Thanks for the warning; I really liked the description of the (supposed) features of this program and was thinking about giving it a try, but now I will hold my breath and stick with DM2 and PowerDesk DialogHelper and PS Hot Folders and SendTo Toys and True LaunchBar and PS Tray Factory and and
...  :-[   

[After-edit]: oh yeah; and with RecentX, that beauty...  :-*

This is what we have all been looking for! It's about freakin' time too!  :Thmbsup:

It works beautifully and fast on my machine too. Doesn't work in Open/Save dialogs or on the desktop though, but works brilliantly in explorer windows.

Newest version of QTTabBar 1.0.16 released maybe minutes ago just so happens to now have this feature. Maybe the author reads these forums?

Thanks again Curt for letting me know about this software. It just keeps getting better.  :-*
When I move to Europe, you can buy me a beer (or 10). ;)

Whoa, Nighted - you need to get to bed! Wait a second... it's now 1:41 am here, I guess I should take my own advice  :-[

Anyway, brilliant news about qttabbar. I hope this does whar sri was after. I'm happy with the DOpus solution Tom pointed out to me and as I NEVER use Windows Explorer anymore, I probably won't bother with qttabbar, but it looks VERY nice.


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