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Use locate32 with Farr -- outdated use plugin instead

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You don't have to click on the search button :) the alias will do that for you and just run the search without any further mouse clicks or keyboard input.
The power you get from this combination is that FARR is great in searching and displaying your common folders, but locate already has an index of your whole drive. So if you can't find it in FARR (or are looking for individual documents) then run a 'loc <document>' and the results are in the locate window. I hope that helps clear things up.

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you dom't have to click on the search button-justice (May 03, 2007, 01:20 AM)
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really..? now, that's cool.. 8) but i still would like to know why both - Farr & locate? please enlighten this ignoramus.. :)

thanks justice.. now, i understand.. :up:

Laughing Man:
Thanks! I just recently found locate32 and finding out I can integrate it with FARR is a great finding!

justice, i modified this alias to include the file-type as part of search query.. tks for the ideas.. :)

Alias Tab
Use locate32 with Farr -- outdated use plugin instead

here's the preformatted version:

--- ---1000>>>locate32>->locate $$1 |C:\Program Files\Locate\Locate32.exe -r $$1>n>locate $$1 with filetype $$2 |C:\Program Files\Locate\Locate32.exe -t $$2 -r $$1>+>^loc(?:\s|)([^\s]*)(?:\s|)([^\s]*)(?:\s|)([^\s]*)(?:\s|)([^\s]*)
Farr window

edit: to include the Farr window.


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