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Use locate32 with Farr -- outdated use plugin instead

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I wanted Locate32 to work with FARR but there's no document describing commandline options for the locate32 executable. after I noticed that the first word after locate32 that started with a dash lost part of the searchstring I knew I was on the right track...

After some fiddling I present you the results: If you want to search with locate32 from the command line you can use this:

--- ---locate32 keyword (to bring up the locate window with your keyword as the search, but it does not run)

--- ---locate32 -r keyword (to being up the locate window with search results for your keyword)
I couldn't find any documentation on any switches so I assume it's unofficial and might break in the future?? Maybe using some debug tool someone might find other switches, to search for extension for example.

To do this straight from FARR paste this as an preformatted alias group:

--- ---1000>>>locate32>->loc $$1 |C:\Program Files\Locate\Locate32.exe -r $$1>+>^loc (.*)or create a new alias like this screenshot (change the path to locate32.exe depending on where you installed it):

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BTW it shouldn't be hard to write a plugin to use the locate.exe executable to return the search results inside the FARR window, as locate.exe <keyword> does a search for keyword and returns all search results in a dosbox.

very nice  :up:

FYI, i found command-line parameters in the readme.txt

6. Command line parameters for locate32

Locate32.exe has the following command line arguments:

Usage: locate32.exe [-p path] [-t type] [-d dbfile] [-r] [-u] text
    or locate32.exe -U [-rX]
    or locate32.exe -s

   text      put 'text' to 'Named field'
   -P path    put 'path' to 'Look in' field
   -p path    put 'path' to 'Look in' field (checks also that path is correct)
   -t type    put 'type' to 'Extensions' field
   -c       put clipboard content to 'Named field'
   -d file      uses database in file 'file'
   -D name      uses database named 'name'
    -Lpath         check directory path
       -L1            check all local hard drives
   -r      start locating when Locate32 is opened
   -u      start update process at start
   -U      update database
   -RX      set the priority class of process, X is 'h' (high), 'a' (above),
         'n' (normal), 'b' (below), 'i' (idle) or 'r' (realtime)
   -s       leave locate32 background when dialog is closed
   -S       start locate32 to background, (adds icon to tastbar)
   -i      start new instance
   -a       activate existing instance (use e.g. "-a2" to activate the 2nd instance)
   -lP preset   load preset      
   -ln      set number of maximum found files
   -lf      Set check field to 'File Names Only'
   -ld      Set check field to 'Folder Names Only'
   -lfd      Set check field to 'File and folder names'
   -lc text   put 'text' to 'file containing text' field
         -lcnm           uncheck 'Match case' field
         -lw             check 'Match whole name only' field
         -lwn            uncheck 'Match whole name only' field
   -lr      check 'Replace spaces with asterisk' field
   -lW      check 'Use whole path' field
   -lrn      uncheck 'Replace spaces with asterisk' field
   -lm size   set minumum file size
   -lM size   set maximum file size
   -lDmDAY     set minimum file modification date, DAY can be exact date in the
         form of YYMMDD, or number (0 is today, 1 is yesterday, etc)
   -lDcDAY     set minimum file creation date
   -lDaDAY     set minimum file last access date
   -lDMDAY     set maximum file modification date
   -lDCDAY     set maximum file creation date
   -lDADAY      set maximum file last access date
   -lsXY      sort located items where X is 'n' (sort by name),
         'f' (directory), 's' (size), 't' (type) or 'd' (modified date)
         and Y is 'a' (ascending order) or 'd' (descending order)
   -X:CUSTOM   use different settings branch (see locate.ini file)
--- End quote ---

readme.txt  ;D

just curious, but does't Farr's and locate's functions overlap? :) but i think a plugin is the way to go, so at least one doesn't have to click on locate's search button..


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