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IDEA: Emulate a green monitor to reduce eye strain.

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On the settings of my secondary 17" there is a spot where you can change the red green and blue values, so I could make the entire thing green if I wanted to, I don't think my 19" does that tho, but nvidia has that color settings, so that works.

I've used these two programs to select inverted color palettes for my PC.  (I've been tweaking the colors & reducing the white-paper glare on my pc for years)

*** Jasmin 3D Color Changer (free? still?), Have to switch to Win 2000 display theme to make it work, but it allows to you TOTALLY customize the colors,  let me know if you want some of mine that I've tweaked over the years!

*** WindowBlinds ($20 for license), not only lets you keep snazzy UI elements, but also lets you Invert the themes, ("negative" them.) at any time.

Both of these programs affect the entire windows user interface.  I also specify text color and background color overrides in firefox, really easy.

Let me know if that helps.


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