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IDEA: Emulate a green monitor to reduce eye strain.

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Inspired by this no-frills text editor and some recent discussions regarding eye strain, I would like a utility that will convert my entire screen into something like a green monitor display.

I envisage that the utility would do something along the lines of...

* Invert the colours on screen (ie black <-> white).
* Convert to greyscale.
* Colourize with a green hue.
Is this possible? Difficult?

do you use a pc or mac?

i have a pc, for browsers i use a proxomitron filter to convert all bright background color to grey, for windows you can find a darker theme, there are plenty of them in deviantART.

Kimmchii: I am using a PC. Both of your suggestions are good, but only go part way to solving the problem... I really want a solution that will work for all applications (rather than just a web-browser) and the theme doesn't tend to be the over riding issue, it is the larger areas of white 'paper' with small black text that take their toll.

One possible solution of my own... tape a sheet of green gel (the type used in theatre / stage lighting) over the display! A hardware solution... I'll try it later and report back with my findings.

Hey... I could even stick the gel onto my glasses and then I wouldn't be limited to seeing the screens... ;)

this is only tangentially related, but cool and recently posted at

DarkRoom editor that is super minimal and green screen looking:

Correct me if i'm wrong, but most video cards have tweaking apps that allow you to adjust gamma, hue, rgb levels, etc. you could use that to reduce the colors to green and black. I have also seen third party apps to do that, but YMMV, Caveat Emptor, etc.


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