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I understand what you are saying but the process I refer to has an explicit rule set to high yet the priority is set to normal in Task Manager.
The processes screen does not show this process all the time because it is a synchronisation program that synchronises the Windows time and runs at set intervals.
However, this program is running all the time as a process in the system tray and in the Task Manger just like Process Tamer. It should therefore show the explicit rule when running and not just when it connects to a server at the programmed interval.

I would also like to see taming based on Harddisk activity ... (My AV/Spyware programs uses alot of Disk Time but not processor time).

Not sure what you would do for the memory usage issue (Freeze the process?) .... Firefox and Chrome won't like it :D

Profiles would also be a great idea. (i.e. Presentation Mode - Nerf the AV/AntiSpy/Windows Update and all the other good stuff that tries to grind the PC to a halt).

I'd been looking for something like Process Tamer for a long time and I have to say I really like it!  :D

I've noticed that occasionally, for some reason I cannot figure out, PT doesn't apply the explicit rule to an identified process. So, the one new feature that I would love is for Process Tamer to wake up every now and then according to a schedule I can set in options or via the command line, rescan all existing processes and adjust them according to their explicit rules. I'm hopeful by having PT wake up from time to time and rescan, that it will catch these unaltered processes.

strange -- can you identify any clues to when it doesn't apply an explicit rule? if you exit PT and restart it (or actually just go into options and then out of them it should have the same effect), does it *then* apply it?

I would definitely like to see Process Tamer managing processor affinity.

Many games I use (including recent ones) don't work on my system. I have to manually using process manager, right click and setting the processor affinity to only one cpu.
Process manager would be a great place to manage those apps. Like having a rule for the prority, it would have a rule for processor affinity.

Thank you !


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