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Process Tamer Update Coming -- Express your feature requests here!

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The wonderful comments by Gizmo in his latest newsletter about Process Tamer have convinced me that I need to do another update as a thank you, so I thought I'd start a new thread and collect some of the outstanding feature requests and bug reports so i make sure not to miss them.

ps. Welcome to all Gizmo's Tech Support Alert readers!

All right!

1.  Option to invoke config GUI from tray icon via left single-click rather than double-click
2.  Ability to resize all columns of the Processes tab

Actually that's all I can think of at the moment :)

I'm kind of stumped by this - Process Tamer sits in my system tray (but hidden unless active courtesy of PS Tray Factory) and I'm only actually aware of it when it moves onto the system tray proper because it's taming something... Small footprint and does what it's advertised to do.

I guess if I had to suggest anything, it would be that the context menu from the icon in the system tray allowed the user to "stop taming process" or something like that. I'll try to think of more suggestions...

Haven't said it in a while so I'll take this opportunity: thanks for donationcoder, mouser. This will sound corny, but words can't really express the gratitude that I feel for what you have created and how proud/grateful I am to be part of it. :Thmbsup:  :greenclp:

Possible add similar capabilities for memory hogging programs? Sometimes that can bring a system to a halt. Although I don't know what you could do to combat it.

I'm a member of this site as a result of a previous posting by Gizmo in one of his past issues of TechSupportAlert, but until I read the current issue earlier today, I wasn't aware of this software.  Finally got around to downloading and installing (and registering) at this late hour, but I got an error message upon launching it for the first time.  I captured the screenshot with WinSnap, but I'm not sure if I did what was needed to pass it along to you.  So just in case it didn't work, the message read:

"The instruction at '0x7c5ae578' referenced memory at '0x7822e496'.  The memory could not be read."  Then it said it was terminating the program.

Any idea what the heck this is?  The program seems to be active, and I can access it from the system tray icon, but then I get the same message again.  Should I uninstall and start over?

Sorry to interject this technical junk here, but wasn't sure where else to do so.  Regardless, I wanted to say thanks for the software and I hope a lot of fellow Gizmo supporters find their way to this site...

I'll try to figure out what my problem is, but any insights would be much appreciated.



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